6 million dollar house toronto

What kind of house does $6 million get you in Toronto?

The $6 million house in Toronto is what dreams are made of. This is mansion territory in the most reputable neighbourhoods in the city — Rosedale, Forest Hill, and Lawrence Park. Another way of putting this is that these houses are where the other half lives. They're big, beautiful, and, for most of us, entirely unreachable.

This is what a $6 million house looks like in Toronto.

$6,298,000 for a brick estate in Rosedale

For just over six million, you can by a dream property in Rosedale, complete with a picturesque backyard pool, sweeping front porch, and your own library. The beauty of this house is that it's the perfect marriage of old and new, with modern features built into a solid old frame. There's nothing left to be desired here.

Forest hill mansion

$6,150,000 for a stately mansion in Forest Hill

If Forest Hill is more your jam, then this home on Delavan Rd. is sure to please. It's a newer build, but no less opulent. It has Smart Home technology, an outdoor pool, and a wine cellar among other luxury features. There's also five parking spots to ensure that your fleet of vehicles can be stored within sight.

lawrence park toronto

$6,295,000 for a dream home in Lawrence Park

Lawrence Park has its fair share of gorgeous homes, but this property is exceptionally big. It's also located on the edge of a ravine, so it feels like a complete retreat from city living. Once you see the sun room and the hockey-themed exercise area, there's not much else to say. Once you have this much dough, you can afford to have some fun with it all.

18 oxbow road toronto

$6,200,888 for a huge property at York Mills and Bayview

This is just one step below the super luxury of the Bridle Path. Just a hair northwest, the houses around York Mills and Bayview are still impressively endowed. There's "only" six bedrooms here, but some of the rooms in this home are absolutely gigantic. It's a bit bland on the outside, but the interior features plenty of awe-worthy touches, from the staircases to the library and wine cellar.

rosedale mansion

$6,495,000 for a hidden laneway house

Most of the houses above $6 million are located north of Bloor St. in Toronto. That's technically true of this art gallery-like laneway house, but only by a few few. The hyper modern design and huge open spaces won't suit many people, but there's little denying that this is a unique home. Could there be a better place to host a massive party than this pad?

Would you shell out six mil for any of these homes if you had the cash. Let us know in the comments.

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