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It's going to warm up in Toronto just in time for Christmas

It's been awfully cold in Toronto lately. And compared to last year, it seems like we already have way more snow. But it looks like things are going to warm up a bit for the holidays.

According to meterologists at the Weather Network, after last week's cross-Canada cold snap, the weather's supposed to get a little bit milder - though mild, they write, could still mean snow at this time of the year.

"Fortunately for those who already have an early case of winter fatigue, the highly amplified jet stream pattern responsible for the recent rounds of Arctic air has almost run its course (for now)," write Michael Carter and Dr. Doug Gillham for the Weather Network.

"...A more zonal pattern will develop during the week leading up to Christmas. This will allow normal and even above-normal temperatures to spread from west to east across most of Canada before Christmas," they continue.

It's supoosed to be mild during the last few days of December and into January with above seasonal temperatures. Although, take advantage of that warmer weather while you can because it'll likely get cold again mid-January.

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