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5 underrated neighbourhoods to rent an apartment in Toronto

The rental apartment market in Toronto can feel like a very unkind place. Low vacancy rates bring inflated rents, and reasonably priced neighbourhoods don't tend to stay that way for long.

The budget-conscious Toronto renter must look for a neighbourhood that offers a solid balance between cheap rent, local amenities, and convenient transit options. Fortunately, there are still a few out there to investigate when hunting for a new apartment.

Here are five underrated neighbourhoods to rent an apartment in Toronto.

Pelham Park / Carleton Village

These neighbourhoods can be found immediately northeast of the Junction Triangle, which ends at the CPR tracks north of Dupont. They carry a dubious reputation from the 1990s, but have steadily improved over the years as more businesses have come to the west end of Davenport Rd. and younger home buyers have snatched many homes with rental units. Art galleries and the Stop's community kitchen are helping to shape a new identity here.


This is a neighbourhood that's become far more attractive since the construction of the UP Express, from which you can commute to and from downtown in about 20 minutes. Beyond that, there's plenty of affordable apartments in the area and big plans to create an Artscape-led community hub just north of Lawrence and Weston. Retail options abound along Weston.

Crescent Town

Danforth Village / the East Danforth tends to get all the attention, but with that comes increased rents. If you head one subway stop further west to Victoria Park, you'll find more affordable housing, but a smiliarly convenient commute along Line 2. Proximity to Massey Creek and Taylor Creek Park makes it easy to soak up nature, while the grocery and retail options are plentiful at Shoppers World Mall.

Pape Village

This is a quiet neighbourhood chock full of bakeries and cafes that's proximate to both the Don Valley and various amenities along the street after which it takes its name. Rent here will tend to run higher than some of the other neighbourhoods on this list, but it's still possible to find a decent place for under $1000 here. Check rental listings for apartments available on Cosburn Ave.

Brockton Village

This area isn't likely to remain under the radar for much longer. In fact, Dundas and Brock is already a veritable hot spot. As you move west towards Lansdowne, however, rents become more reachable. Streets like Margueretta and Moutray are all good ones to target. There's no shortage of restaurants and bars within walking distance, a giant No Frills nearby, and there are multiple streetcar options thanks to the junction of Dundas and College.

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