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The top 10 Toronto videos from 2015

Toronto had its fair share of viral videos over the course of 2015, from enraged taxicab drivers to beautiful bat flips to hard-to-watch police arrests. These videos capture both the highs and lows of the city over the last 12 months, which ranged from turbulent to jubilant.

These are my picks for the top Toronto videos from 2015.

Taxi driver vs. Uber driver
The fever pitch of tension between Toronto taxicab and UberX drivers is perfectly captured in this raw footage of a protesting cab driver grabbing onto an UberX vehicle before being dragged some 50 feet. Let's hope 2016 sees a city-led resolution to the battle.

Jose Bautista bat flip
This was the best sporting moment of the year, and likely much, much longer considering how dismal our pro teams have been when it comes to post-season play. The home run itself was electric, but the bat flip was already iconic mere minutes after it happened. Anyone who has a problem with it being "too showy" needs to get out more.

TTC constables get into altercation at Bloor-Yonge Station
When footage of the violent arrest of two TTC passengers by special constables landed on YouTube in March, it quickly blew up. The TTC ultimately handed the matter over to the police to investigate, and the constables were cleared in August.

Show Me Toronto
Instead of opting for the timelapse route, videographer Chris Hau shows off the city with sweeping shots that track the travels of an urban explorer who's sole mandate, it would appear, is to soak up Toronto's ample scenery. This is a beautiful and lighthearted video of the city.

Citytv reporter takedown of vulgar dudes
For the love of God, can we somehow end this FHRITP business? If more reporters confronted the idiots who belt out this ridiculous phrase in the same manner as Shauna Hunt does in the video above, perhaps things would get better.

Toronto police beating
One of the most disturbing videos to come out of Toronto this year depicted the violent (and mistaken) arrest of Santokh Bola. Warning: the footage is difficult to watch.

The Batmobile rips up Yonge St. for Suicide Squad
Toronto was treated to a few spectacular scenes courtesy of Suicide Squad this year, but the sight of the Batmobile screeching up Yonge St. was probably the most memorable.

Drake performs "Know Yourself" in Toronto for the first time
What to say? Drake doesn't even need to sing the infectious chorus to "Know Yourself" when he performs it for the first time in Toronto. You know how that sh*t goes...

A year in the life of Toronto
It wouldn't be an end-of-year video roundup without a couple of these "Toronto is beautiful" sequences. This one has a rather humble title and some curious editing choices, but it really does pull together a whole year's worth of fun in just a few minutes.

The Toronto Zoo's giant panda turns eight weeks old
Cuteness overload! While not quite as heart-melting as the baby polar bear's first steps (which went truly viral), this video of the Zoo's giant panda baby opening its eyes is downright adorable.

Did I miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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