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10 things Toronto did on the August long weekend in the 1980s

It might have been thirty plus years ago, but some of us will still remember all the long weekend fun the city got up to in the 1980s. In the grand scheme of things, the time that's passed is hardly a raindrop in Lake Ontario.

Here's some rad options Toronto denizens had as the sweltering August long weekender kicked off.

Go to Canada's Wonderland

Only wto summers old, and already $10.95 a day?!! That's silly rich people money. Still, word is good on the Mighty Canadian Mine Buster, Zumba Flume, Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster, Happyland of Hanna-Barbera, Smurf Village and of course Yogi Bear's upside-down cottage.

Chill out with a portable personal stereo

The Sanyo Sportster Personal Stereo Portable actually allows you to take your music with you wherever you go, including that breezy spot underneath the tree next to the pool. Ain't technology grand!

See a movie

So far summer 1983 is all about RETURN OF THE JEDI, but having already seen that three times how about SLEEPAWAY CAMP? Even if it sucks, it's still a mighty fine air-conditioned refuge from the unforgiving heat.

Try Chicken McNuggets

McDongles has this crazy new menu item called "Chicken McNuggets" being advertised all over the place...time to find out what all the fuss about?

Play Wintario Double Bonus Draw

Double your chances for the big Wintario draw on August 11. Winning would be awesome, but getting to meet sweet Faye Dance would be even better!

Ride the LRC

VIA's new LRC is a treat for train enthusiasts - Light, Rapid, Comfortable.

Watch Dennis Weaver in Cocaine

CityTV Channel 79 has a Great Movie on Friday night - Dennis "McCloud" Weaver as a man whose life is torn asunder by evil white dust.

Play Vanguard at home on Atari

How many quarters have you dumped into VANGUARD in the last 2 years? Well, now you can stay home and play it on Atari in your air-conditioned house! Now if only Luther was around to help on the last level...

Enjoy a caffeine-free Tab

Ice cold TAB is a summer favourite, but did you know it's now available caffeine free?

Visit Ontario Place

Best family spot in the whole city, and "it's all yours!" - hopefully forever.

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