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Morning Brew: The cronut burger is no more, Rob Ford hosts town hall, finding McMahon's bike, Jack Layton statue to be revealed, and the Maple Leafs hike prices

The cronut burger is no more. After more than 34 people complained they had fallen ill after eating at the CNE this week, the city's public health department closed the vendor responsible for one of the Ex's most popular and horrific foods. 5 people were hospitalized after suffering vomiting and diarrhea shortly after eating the croissant-donut-cheesburger hybrid.

Rob Ford held a community consultation last night to discuss how best to replace former deputy mayor Doug Holyday. Holyday stepped down as a councillor and Ford's deputy this week after winning the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding for the PCs. Ford favours a byelection over an internal appointment and the audience seemed to enforce that thought, according to the Globe and Mail. Is an election the right thing to do?

Someone stole cllr. Mary-Margaret McMahon's canary yellow bicycle from outside city hall, and social media is on the case. McMahon is hoping twitter will be able to track down the swiped single-speed cruiser in exchange for home-baked muffins. Will she have any luck?

Two Toronto firefighters have been removed from duty after the National Post revealed several sexist tweets. Lawaun Edwards, who used the handle @Bassfire3680, wondered "would swat her in the back of the head been considered abuse or a way to reset the brain?" Toronto Fire Chief Jim Sales called the tweets "absolutely unacceptable."

A bronze statue honoring Jack Layton will be unveiled at the ferry docks today, the second anniversary of his death. The statue, a gift from the Ontario Labour Federation, features a life-size Layton on the back seat of a tandem bike and carries the inscription "Jack's got your back." People will be encouraged to sit in the empty front seat.

The Maple Leafs unveiled a sure-to-be-popular "dynamic" ticket pricing scheme yesterday. Under the new price structure, fans will pay more, around $125, to see "super premium" games against popular teams, like the Penguins. Will this exclude more people from games?

Finally, these cops really are plumbing the depths. Const. Peter Bazilsky, Glen Abate, and Patrick McLeod are part of the Toronto Police marine unit dive team who, tragically, spend plenty of time recovering bodies from the murky, algae-covered water of Lake Ontario. Shipwrecks and stranded GO Trains are sometimes on the agenda, too. Metro has an interesting look at what it's like to work the lake.


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Image: GrĂŠgory Thiell/blogTO Flickr pool.

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