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Morning Brew: 8 of 9 police bullets hit Sammy Yatim, Rob Ford prepares to arm-wrestle Hulk Hogan, the CNE food crisis deepens, Superman stamps, and a giant turtle

The family of Sammy Yatim say they are "distressed" by reports the teenager was struck by eight of the nine bullets allegedly fired by const. James Forcillo, five of which hit when he was already on the floor of a Toronto streetcar. The Globe and Mail notes typically around 20 to 30 shots are fired by the entire police force in an average year. Forcillo is charged with second-degree murder in the case.

The possibly contaminated cronut crisis is continuing to deepen. Toronto Public Health says close to 100 people have reported becoming sick after eating at the CNE, but it still hasn't been able to pinpoint the source of the outbreak. Epic Burgers and Waffles, the stand that prepared the food many of the sick said they ate, is defending its product and safety record.

Hulk Hogan will take on Rob "300 pounds of fun" Ford tomorrow in what's being billed as an "epic" arm-wrestling match at Fan Expo. A spokesperson for the mayor confirmed Ford would take part in the contest with the wrestling legend at 10 AM. Do you think the mayor can win?

Superman's fictional home might be on Krypton but his real roots are here in Toronto, even if not many know it. In attempt to correct that, a new series of Canada Post stamps to be unveiled tomorrow will link The Man of Steel with co-creator Joe Shuster's Hogtown heritage. The Toronto Star and its old King West building was the inspiration for the Daily Planet. More on that here.

Spokesman Brad Ross has been the voice of the TTC for five years. He's helped steer the perennially troubled organization through its many crises (and occasional triumph) in his role as executive director of corporate communications. The Grid took a look at the man behind the @bradttc Twitter handle and came up with a few choice tidbits, including his previous career as a child actor. Who knew?

"Welcome to Toronto, we've got condos here" might be the new greeting on the city's postcards in the next few years if Scott Dickson's predictions are correct. A self-described "armchair architect," Dickson has assembled a postcard of the city's skyline with every proposed or under-construction building Photoshopped in. High-rise isn't just for banks anymore.

Finally, check out this absolute monster of a snapping turtle seen by Reddit user bwilliamp in Tommy Thompson Park this week. The weed-speckled porker was around 4 feet long and could have been several decades old. Have you seen a turtle this big in Toronto?


Chris Bateman is a staff writer at blogTO. Follow him on Twitter at @chrisbateman.

Image: Ben Roffelsen/blogTO Flickr pool.

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