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New in Toronto Real Estate: The Hub condos

The Hub Condos? Was this in our "What's the worst condo name in Toronto" post? Because it probably should have been. Honestly, it's pretty cringe-worthy. Had to say that off the bat, but there's actually a lot of good to be said about this Eglinton West and Oakwood development, too.

The area isn't exactly brimming with condo developments right now, and the starting price points are pretty accessible given the market. It's a vibrant stretch, known for its Jamaican patties and late night jerk chicken, and with a residential area reflective of Toronto's multicultural makeup.

the hub condos


Address: Eglinton West and Oakwood
Floors: 16
Total number of units: 220
Types of units: One-bedroom, one plus den, two bedroom, two plus den suites and seven townhomes.
Unit sizes (in square feet): N/A
Ceiling heights: 9"
Starting prices for available units: from the low $200,000s
Developer: Empire Communities
Amenities/building features: Gym, yoga/pilates area, party room, entertainment room, landscaped terrace with barbeque.

the hub condos toronto


The Hub has a good mixture of options available. There's everything from one bedrooms to two bedrooms plus a den, which is a viable choice for families — not to mention the two-level townhomes, which, albeit at a higher price point, would be likely to accommodate slightly larger families as well.

These mini-properties feature decent fixins, it has to be said. Each suite has a balcony, which, in my opinion, is an important part of an investment in a condo. There are granite countertops in the kitchens, glass tile countertops, and pretty washroom designs as well.

the hub condos toronto


While this spot has its fair share of pluses, there are some clear...downsides, according to the renderings available thus far. The kitchen looks like an out-of-date conference room. And, this, of course, is the idealized version of it all. Think your unit's going to have those fancy bar seats? Not likely.

The design of the overall building isn't particularly stellar, either. It looks like 100 other condo buildings downtown, so the impetus to move in isn't going to relate to the building's architectural significance.

the hub condos toronto


Like so many developments, whether or not you want to move into The Hub is contingent upon what you're looking for. If you want a spot for your family in a diverse and affordable area, it's a good choice. If you're looking for a beautiful and unique condo, maybe not so much.

the hub condosthe hub condos toronto

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