181 Davenport Road

New in Toronto Real Estate: 181 Davenport Road

The luxury condos at 181 Davenport Road not only come with an army of staff to take care of your every need — they also promise imminent serenity and an existence of perpetual zen bliss, all in the heart of Yorkville. Just watch this video and see for yourself. "Come into the neighbourhood where life as you want to live it now finds its perfect place...live in a place of ancient trees. The nexus of all the best of Toronto." Invite accepted! For Yorkville features khakied bums, waterfalls, and RAYBANS.

181 Davenport Road


Address: 181 Davenport Road
Floors: 12
Total number of units: 110
Elevators: Yes
Types of units: One bedroom, one bedroom plus den, two bedroom, two bedroom plus den,three bedroom, three bedroom plus den.
Unit sizes (in square feet): 624 to 7,400
Ceiling heights: 9' to 10'
Prices from (available units): $400,000
Maintenance fees: $0.63
Developer: Mizrahi Developments
Amenities/building features: Fitness centre, patio, valet parking, theatre room, party room with kitchen facilities, concierge, guest suite

181 Davenport Road


You'll feel like a bona fide gladiator romping around this coliseum-shaped property. It operates like a hotel. You don't have to park your own car, open your own doors, or really, be autonomous in any way! And you're just a stone's throw from Tiffany & Co. should a diamonds emergency arise.

The building also has a panoramic view of the city. The developers claim the balconies will be "similar to what you might find in a Parisian hotel," and that they will be ideal for enjoying a "morning coffee and croissant." Or, you know, showering the city with cash money from your $8 million penthouse.

181 Davenport Road


Personality-wise, this neighbourhood is in need of a lobotomy — or has it already had one? OK, maybe that's not fair. Let me reword. Perhaps it'd be better to say that despite the central location, the demographic make-up of the neighbourhood is rather homogenous and this lacking vibrancy. Luxury is on offer, of course, but there's got to be...

And despite its otherwise light-friendly design, some suites have washrooms sans windows, which can be gloomy, especially considering the price point.

181 Davenport Road


Living in a hotel-esque building with an unobstructed view of the city almost trumps my issues with the neighbourhood. The design of this place is insanely gorgeous. If you're a status type, this could be a very attractive destination.

What do you think? Would you live here? Add your comments to the thread below.

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