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Cargo van rental in Toronto

Cargo van rental in Toronto has many uses, with moving-related activities being chief among them (perhaps you, too, have a disproportionately large collection of end-tables). It seems that more and more car rental companies are servicing this need by adding larger vans to their rental options. For the purposes of this post, we'll assume that a cargo van will be sufficient for transporting your worldly goods.

I recently had the (unparalleled) pleasure of moving, and opted for movers. Considering the sheer number of stairs involved, it was a wise choice, but the movers were somewhat free-and-easy with several prized antique pieces and the cost after 6 or 7 hours of work very nearly rivaled a month's rent. If you think you have the stamina to do it on your own, any of the below options are a far more economical option.

If you're looking to move, U-Haul should top your list of considerations. From their large variety of trucks--helpfully divided by recommended uses and utilizing gentle ride suspension which minimizes jostling--to their selection of dollies and moving supplies, U-Haul has made moving their business. A 14' truck, ideal for an apartment up to 2 bedrooms, has the jaw-droppingly low cost of $30, but there's an additional charge of $0.69/km plus the hidden fees of insurance. You can pick up your truck at various locations around Toronto, such as Dupont and Dufferin, 960 Bathurst Street, and Queen and Parliament.

Enterprise offers cargo vans such as GM Express for just over $100 (tax in) for a full 24 hours, and allows you to load them with unlimited kilometres (up to 4000 km) provided that you remain within the province. If you're headed out of province, you're permitted 200 km/day after which you're charged $0.20. As for pick-up locations, they recommend you call for availability within the city proper as vans gets booked quite rapidly at pick-up spots like Dovercourt Road, Strachan Ave, and Bay Street. They'll also give you a ride if you find yourself without a way to get to the van pick-up area.

At Zoom car rentals, you'll find an extended GMC Savana cargo van. A no-frills package which excludes GPS and insurance will run you $238, after taxes. Their allowed mileage tops out at 3000 km within the province, and you'll need to pick it up from the airport. If you plan on taking it out of the province, it'll be an extra $15/day, and different per/km rates apply.

Budget offers moving van rentals with multiple pick-up locations within the downtown core such as College and Spadina and Front and Parliament. They have cargo vans available, but it's recommended that you contact them directly for a quote. Conversely, a 16 cube truck will cost you $138/day for a maximum of 4 days, and they have add-ons such as GPS, Roadside Safety Net, and a Fuel Service flat rate which spares you the hassle of having to re-fill what will no doubt be a gas-guzzling beast. You get 100 free kilometres, after which you're charged $0.16/km, free rides to your pick-up location, and they even offer one-way truck rental--ideal if you're moving out of the city.

AutoShare has recently added Chevy Express large cargo vans to their fleet, which can be picked up at four locations around the GTA: 271 Concord Ave, Queen East and Carlaw, 145 Strathmore, and 33 Holly Street. To join AutoShare, you apply and are billed $29, submit a one-time $100 membership fee, then wait for your package to arrive: after that, you're free to drive any of their cars. You can even test-drive (har har) their program by applying for a 30-day trial, which will refund your membership fee if you quit within a month. Your $100 covers the "simple" monthly plan (1-2 trips/month), with the option to upgrade to a heftier plan, and while the price of gas is included, there's a "small surcharge" per km.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals
Discount offers cargo vans to be picked up at various locations across the GTA, such as Jarvis and Queen, Cherry St. and Dundas and Bloor. The price is reasonable, coming in at $110 after taxes, which includes 200 free km. Afterwards, you're charged $0.22/km. You might be tempted by the offer of an upgrade to a 16ft cube truck for just an additional $30/day. They can also arrange for a free ride to and from your chosen pick-up location.

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