Good Foot Delivery

Good Foot Delivery marches on into second year

Good Foot Delivery has other Toronto courier services beat when it comes to social conscience. Because not only does it keep the environment in mind, but it strives to improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities.

The first time I worked a regular nine to five, I remember being dumbfounded at just how much money (and, by extension, gas and time) was wasted on hiring traditional couriers (or worse, taxis) to move a box from one location to the next. The higher-ups would declare that an important item needed to be delivered to an important person ASAP, and like corporate-backed magic, a car would appear to facilitate the transaction.

Good Foot Delivery

The only cars used by Good Foot Delivery couriers are TTC vehicles. They either walk or use public transit to deliver a package within the downtown core or Toronto midtown. Along with its commitment to eco-friendly couriering, Good Foot, a registered non-profit, seeks to employ people with developmental disabilities to work as its couriers.

The service was created by Jon Gauthier and his sister, Kirsten, a little over a year ago. Jon, who struggles with some developmental issues, was having a tough time finding a job when he and Kirsten came up with the idea for Good Foot. Along with Executive Director Melissa McNeil at the helm, the service now employs five couriers (and counting).

Good Foot Delivery

I speak with one of its couriers, Kathleen Babbs, who tells me the business has seen steady growth in the past year. "A lot of it has been word of mouth," she says. "We've been getting new sponsors, and added new couriers."

"For people who have disabilities," she continues, "it can be really tough to find a job. If they'd like, they can come and try it out, and hopefully get on the payroll."

The rate for direct service (60-90 minutes) is a flat $10, though customers can opt for the faster service ($15) or else, basic or overnight delivery. Good Foot's second annual Good Foot Getdown is scheduled for this Thursday at the Centre for Social Innovation, wherein proceeds from ticket sales go to support the Good Foot team.

"It's just to party, get down, and celebrate our first full year," Kathleen says.

Good Foot Delivery

More details about the Getdown can be found here.

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