Doug Ford Mayor Veto

Twitter reaction to Doug Ford's dream of ultimate mayoral authority

A day after it was revealed that the mayor's office has something of a plan to build a Sheppard Avenue subway extension via (as yet unsecured) private financing, comments made by Doug Ford to a Globe and Mail reporter regarding the nuisance that city council poses to the mayor have dominated municipal politics discourse today. The statements in question have been widely quoted by now, but just for the record, this one sums up his position quite well. "I believe in a strong mayor system, like they have in the States. The mayor should have veto power ... so he has enough power to stop council."

Insofar as subway funding and the direction that "Transportation City" takes will continue to occupy the media as more specific information comes to light, I tend to doubt that Doug Ford's plan was to direct attention away from yesterday's news. So why say it then? Well, I would assume he made these comments because, here and now (i.e. while his brother is the mayor), he would indeed love to be able to by-pass council.

It's probably not really necessary to explain why this is problematic, particularly when one considers how frustrating such a situation would have been to his brother when he was a lowly councillor during David Miller's mayoralty. So let's see what the #TOpoli people on Twitter had to say about today's developments. Sure, the follwing reaction is bound to bear a left-wing slant, but that's what makes it funny. After all, how could such remarks be taken seriously in the first place.

@blogTO I'm with Doug Ford on this: I wish Councillor Doug Ford had no say in anything. #TOpoliless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

@DougFord is on to something we need to adjust. Mayor should have veto power over LEFTWING KOOKERY. #topoliless than a minute ago via web

@blogTO Nice to see Ford has been paying attention to the recent Middle East situation. Give us more of a reason, Doug. #TOpoliless than a minute ago via web

So the Globe thinks Doug is the real mayor. But who is the puppet master of Doug? Harris? #topoliless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Ford wanted to decrease the size of #TOCouncil, just didn't think he meant down to one.less than a minute ago via web

Why would we give a mayor veto power if he didn't even get a majority of the votes of citizens? Maybe we should address that first. #TOpoliless than a minute ago via web

@blogTO If Doug Ford loves American politics so much, he can go live there #TOpoliless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry速

@blogTO Did he mean veto or Devito powers? The latter would be kinda cool actually.less than a minute ago via web

Note to Doug Ford: the current "weak mayor" system is OUR veto power. It protects us from incompetents like you & your brother. #TOpoliless than a minute ago via web

For the record: the only thing I ever veto'd as mayor was my choice of sandwich at lunchtime. Council voted for whitefish, I wanted lox.less than a minute ago via web

In a shocking development, the Fords have me all ragey today. #TOpoli #StrongArmFatHeadless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

The Fords would have cried bloody murder if @iamdavidmiller had a veto. What makes it right now? #TOpoli #TOcouncilless than a minute ago via web

I'm thinking Doug Ford "didn't come back for you", Toronto - apparently, he came back to turn us into Chicago! #TOpoliless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Doug Ford is an appalling, offensive hardcore ideologue. #topoliless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry速

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