Torontonians make their 2011 resolutions

It's that time of year again - the ONE time of year where we make vows to change our lifestyle somehow. Whether it's quitting smoking, going to the gym, or just being a nicer person - we make these resolutions on January 1st. If you're like me, you probably also forget about them by January 2nd.

Instead of making my own resolutions this year, I thought it might be interesting to find out what some influential, and well known Torontonians were resolving to do.

Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto

"It's been for 20 years to lose weight, if I can. We'll try but I don'tknow, I like food too much. So, we'll see. I'll have to get working out again, or something. We'll figure something out." (via The National Post)

Leslie Roberts, Global TV Anchor

"Well, to be honest I didn't make any this year. I try to live by the common ones every day. Eat better, workout more, be a nicer person and try and do random acts of kindness whenever the opportunity arises. So instead of listing areas to work on, my family discussed all the areas of our lives where we are grateful. I know it sounds corny, but it's an exercise to remind us not to take anything for granted."

Charles Pachter, Artist

"My new years' resolution for 2011 is to replace all the incandescent light bulbs in my studio, gallery, and loft with LED light bulbs. With over 200 fixtures in the building, I'll be using about 10% of the electric power I was formerly gobbling up. And the LED lights are very effective. Now that makes sense, ecologically and economically!"

Jack Layton, NDP Party Leader, MP Toronto-Danforth

"The personal resolutions will probably all have to do with health, making sure I stay on the right track there... also to spend time with my granddaughter Beatrice. I don't need a resolution to do that, she's so cute that you just can't help but want to be with her. Of course, to really focus in on getting some results out of parliament - that is as much personal as it is political" (via Canada.com)

Alan Cross, Radio Host/Music Historian

"I spend an awful lot of time reading for work and not nearly enough time reading for pleasure. This cannot do. I hereby resolve to read 100 non-musical books before the end of the year: novels, non-fiction, instructional books--whatever. And thanks to my Kindle/iPad combination along with audio books (something I discovered last year, beginning with the 63-hour unabridged version of Atlas Shrugged that I tackled in the car and while jogging and walking the dog), I just might able to do it."

Raymi the Minx (Lauren White), Blogger

"My resolution is to be prettier, which would entail no more drinking or partying or dating. Wah wah. gonna give'r one last hurrah. Maybe I'll start taking those hormones all the celebs take, what's it called again? You get it from people who sell steroids." (via her blog)

Drake, Entertainer

"My New Year's resolution would be to call my mother more, call my grandmother more. Sometimes I let life pass me by. I just want to keep in touch with the people I love... every New Years I set realistic goals for myself, so you know, I always usually follow through." (via Dizzy Drake)

Toronto City Councillors
The Toronto Sun asked all of city council what their resolutions were this year. Not surprisingly, most list political goals. A handful of councillors said they weren't making any. The few non-political goals mentioned mostly revolve around staying healthy and spending more time with family.

A couple of noteworthy ones:

Rob Ford, Mayor

"This is the first time Toronto will have a budget that respects taxpayers and I'm focused on getting it passed."

Doug Holyday, Deputy Mayor, Etobicoke Centre, Ward 3

"My new year's resolution is to support Rob Ford in his efforts to reduce waste and increase efficiencies at City Hall."

Giorgio Mammoliti, York West, Ward 7

"I'm going to approach my new term going back to the basics and applying my experience at the grassroots level. Really getting back in touch with the community and listening to their needs. I'm going to bring change and resolution to the way we do business at City Hall to ensure better service with less bureaucracy."

Do you think these individuals will be able to stick to - and accomplish - their 2011 resolutions over the next year?

Photo via hiphophead.com

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