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How to search for jobs in Toronto

Jobs in Toronto may be tough to find but at least you don't have to change out of your pajamas nowadays to search for one. That said, searching for a Toronto job online can quickly spiral into cataclysm of forgotten bookmarks and thrice-sent applications. Here's a breakdown of some of the most useful job search boards in Toronto, to hopefully make the experience a little easier.

Service Canada Job Bank
The Service Canada Job Bank is surprisingly comprehensive and easy to use. With new listings daily, you can break down your search in terms of area, category, part/full time, and employment length. The types of results are all over the board, from shift work to full-time salaried pay. You can also create a profile and receive alerts when new postings match your specifications.

As long as you don't mind sifting through the scam posts, Craigslist can actually be a great resource for landing a job. With many specific job categories, you can narrow your search to exactly what you're looking for. Another bonus is that in list view, most posts are accompanied by the closest major intersection in brackets so you can quickly scan which posts are most viable if you don't want to commute across the city.

Similar to Craigslist, the advantage to using Kijiji is that the column on the left shows you the number of postings in each job category. You can also set up email alerts for when new postings match your criteria. The page itself, however, is a little more cluttered and tougher to read.

Used by many big companies in the city, Workopolis is a good resource if you're looking for a job with an employer you recognize. The advanced search is particularly useful in that you can weed out posts based on your own educational background and level of experience. You can also post your resume and cover letter.

Not unlike Workopolis, though Monster makes it easy to scan posts without too much clicking. Initial results show which posts include salary information, and you can click on an icon to get that information without leaving the list page. The site also makes it fairly simple to save and organize posts.
The results from this portal are displayed in a clean, easy-to-read table (which you really come to appreciate if you've spent hours online). It seems to source its openings from a variety of different outlets, including Toronto universities, city postings, small businesses and bigger firms.
It's not terribly aesthetically pleasing, but this site allows you to search based on salary expectations and advertises posts from local businesses as well as international corporations. There seems to be a lot of human resources and tech opportunities made available through this site.

Cultural Careers Council Ontario
Though not specifically for Toronto, many of the jobs posted on the CCCO job board are for opportunities in the GTA. This is a great resource if you're looking for a job in media, arts, writing, or culture. The search results are posted under the name of the company or festival for which the work is being solicited, organized by date posted.

City of Toronto
If you're looking for a job specifically with the city, check out its "Current Opportunities" and "Ongoing Recruitment" pages. You can apply to most jobs directly though the site.

Indeed is basically a search engine that retrieves postings from a variety of different sites. Great if you don't feel like checking multiple sites, not so good if you're looking for specific results. Still, the search is clean and the list view makes clear the original source of each posting.

Media Job Search
A good resource for media-related postings. The browse page lets you see the current number of jobs being advertised in specific categories (i.e. newspaper, advertising/marketing, film) and the search can be filtered to limit the amount of information immediately presented. The site also includes information on upcoming media events and useful links.

Jeff Gaulin
Another media site, though this one caters more specifically to writers and journalists. As well as browsing for jobs, you can list yourself as a journalist for hire and potentially be featured on the home page.

GoodWork Canada
GoodWork is a green job site where you can find opportunities with environmental organizations and green companies. The search can be narrowed in terms of theme (Animals & Wildlife, Environmental Health, Food, etc.) as well as location. Volunteer opportunities are also posted on the site.
Eluta focuses on catching the newest job postings put on the web. You can search its general form, or look for jobs based on the top ranked employers in various categories, including greenest jobs, jobs for new Canadians, and general top employers.

Masthead's job board is for candidates looking for positions in magazine publishing and related fields. Current opportunities are displayed in a table and broken down by area; design, advertising, editorial, management, web, production, and internships.

Logging on during your job search isn't wholly a form of procrastination. You can check the Marketplace for jobs posted in the city (with the added bonus of being able to snoop the profile of the poster) and even type job-related keywords in the general search bar to see if any of your contacts are discussing an opportunity.

LinkedIn has a handy jobs page that automatically displays postings you may be interested in and a search bar for you to find your own postings. The obvious advantage to using LinkedIn is that you'll be able to see if you know someone--or know someone who knows someone--connected to the employer.

What did I miss? Do you know a good web site to search for jobs in Toronto? Please add it to the comments below.

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