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What a $128,000 Toronto condo looks like

After indulging my curiosity as to what a $12.8 million dollar condo might look like, the thought struck me today to have a look at the other end of the spectrum. This is, after all, exactly what I did when looking at rental properties a couple months ago.

And although probably not quite as intriguing as the glimpse into the lap of luxury that the penthouse of Museum House provides, the exercise is still surprisingly interesting. Going into my search, I was dubious as to the prospects of finding a livable condo within the bounds of the city (rather than the GTA), but the reality is that even a short hunt revealed quite a few options. Sure many of these exist on the outskirts and away from subway lines, but there are some noteworthy exceptions to this rule that come in under $150K. And, if one were to search solely for bachelor units -- which I did not -- it'd probably be possible to get a little below that.

Full descriptions of each condo can be found by following the link on the price (lead here).

129,000 - 401 Kennedy

Toronto Condos

129,000 - Scarborough

Toronto Condos

120,000 - Bathurst and 401


Toronto Condos

120,000 - Bathurst and 401

Toronto Condos

138,000 - Caledonia and Glencairn

Toronto Condos

144,900 - Vaughan Rd.

Toronto Condos

149,000 - Forest Hill

Toronto Condos

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