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Sunday Supplement: Election edition

Sunday Supplement normally rounds up the week's most important, amusing and link-worthy news stories, but this edition will focus solely on tomorrow's election.

Well, it's almost time to vote. So let's have a look at the various endorsements out there and how the campaign has developed via the many advance polls that have appeared leading up to the bid day tomorrow.

Verbatim - Mayoral Endorsements

"...three main candidates remain standing in the race for the Toronto mayoralty: Rob Ford, Joe Pantalone and George Smitherman. Each has endured the rigours of a gruelling, months-long campaign in a bid to serve Toronto's 2.6 million people. Each deserves respect for his effort. But only one candidate has the proven political skill, government experience, commitment to change, negotiating ability, compassion, drive, determination and charisma that -- taken together -- would amount to an effective mayor. George Smitherman is that candidate." - The Toronto Star

"Mr. Ford and Mr. Smitherman have similarly unpersuasive and unsatisfactory platforms. In the end, Mr. Smitherman's ability to get things done makes him the better candidate; Torontonians may have to live in hope that he tries to do the right things, and that he comes to see the city's financial predicament as the fight of his life. The electors of Toronto should guardedly opt for George Smitherman." - The Globe and Mail

The municipal government simply spends too much money, a plain fact that becomes evident every time budget day approaches and mortal panic sets in. In the past, some ad-hoc combination of service cuts, fee hikes, property tax increases and temporary, desperation budget cuts across departments has kept the city treading water. But treading water isn't good enough. Torontonians rightly sense that their city is in trouble. In our opinion, Rob Ford is the best candidate to address this situation. - The National Post

The current political regime in charge of City Hall needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new era where taxpayers come first. In this election, there is only one candidate running for mayor who is both promising that kind of profound change and who has a credible record indicating he'll deliver it. That's Rob Ford. He's the only person running for mayor who can get this enormous job done. - The Toronto Sun

More endorsements: Michael Hollett, publisher and editor of NOW Magazine, Alice Klein, editor and CEO of NOW Magazine, and the editors at Torontoist.

Numbers - Polls

mayoral race Toronto polls

Where to vote

There are two simple ways to determine where to vote in tomorrow's municipal election:

For additional information, including ward maps, school board trustee lists, and results (as they come in), the city's Toronto Votes website is full of useful information.

Photo byMartinho in the blogTO Flickr pool. Finger puppet by Gabe Thirlwall (a.k.a. Fish on Fridays), available at Kid Icarus. Poll chart via Wikipedia's Toronto Mayoral Election 2010 page..

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