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Morning Brew: Giambrone Skips Town, Sam the Record Man Transformed, Vaughan City Officials Living Large, G20 to be Disruptive, No Strike?, Air Canada Returning to Island Airport?

Photo: "Eglinton Drive home from Duplex" by PJMixer, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

There are reports that the troubled Adam Giambrone and partner Sarah McQuarrie have left the country on some kind of vacation, amidst a flurry of news, including George Smitherman calling for his resignation from the TTC. Unlike serial cheater Tiger Woods, Giambrone won't be able to hide out forever, although it would be rather funny if the vacation was to the same Mississippi sex therapy centre Woods is reportedly holed up at. In any case, way to tackle problems head on, Adam, it's that sort of leadership and judgement Torontonians need.

It may not be as salacious as Mr. Giambrone's fall from grace but four City of Vaughn employees are regretting a nearly $1000 lunch with developers. This is not the first time corruption in Vaughan has made the news. It's also not clear what the disciplinary measures are, but I hope part of it is an education on how to tip servers: $100 is not enough on an $850 tab.

Blue Jays fans and Pride participants are getting pushed aside by the G20 summit in June. The unofficial word is that the Metro Toronto Convention Centre will house the G20 which means the security zone will be maximally disruptive. Pride organizers are already planning to push most activities back a week, and although the Jays aren't exactly the biggest ticket draw, the two games affected are against the Phillies, the defending National League champs who also have a long history with the Jays. That, coupled with the games being part of interleague play, means that they'll be among the season's better attendances. Too bad Christie Pitts probably isn't on the list of possible relocation venues.

Air Canada wants to operate out of the island airport again - guess they noticed it's working out pretty well for Porter - and has sued in federal court for that right. I doubt that will make Air Canada very popular with Island residents, but the extra competition should be even better for flight prices.

Sam the Record Man went through its deconstruction (and even a last hurrah), but now the nail is even more firmly in the coffin as Ryerson Universty president Sheldon Levy has announced plans for a new student learning centre that will consume the former Sam space. With high end architects and a bold vision to remake that strip of Yonge Street, I'm sure we'll have something to talk about in a few years. Less certain is whether Torontonians will like the new look.

It seems a strike has been averted. Maybe. Possibly. OK, we don't know yet. 51% of union voters went for the deal on the table, but with a margin of 210 votes and 300 mail in ballots to count, union officials won't call the race. I guess students can breathe today... if not quite a sigh of relief.

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