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Morning Brew: Toronto 18 Trial and Money, College Students Plan Walkout, Enwave Sale Being Considered, New Online Mag Coming, All-day Kindergarten, Credible Intelligence

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

The trial of another of the suspected 'Toronto 18' terrorists is revealing intriguing details about the alleged terror plot and the police investigation into it. The jury heard that alleged conspirator Shareef Abdelhaleem was excited by the prospect of profiting financially from committing acts of terror, while undercover police agent Shaher Elsohemy was concurrently paid a cool $4.1-million to infiltrate and investigate the group. Might the jury may now be forced to question everyone's motives?

Students at a number of Ontario colleges are planning a mini-protest, to address a bubbling labour dispute between faculty and staff and the colleges' management. At noon today students plans to walk out of their classes for an hour. Sounds more like... lunch... than a meaningful protest. I fail to see the value of missing classes as a means of speaking out on the prospect of missing classes. A more appropriate protest would be a classroom sit-in or office occupation.

According to an anonymous source, the city is facing a possible half billion dollar deficit in 2010 and council is quietly studying the merits of selling city-owned assets off to help cope with the huge shortfall. Green energy-utility Enwave is one such asset being considered. What's important here is that if Toronto does sell assets to the private sector, fair value is earned.

Tomorrow afternoon marks the launch of a new, mystery online magazine about Toronto, being touted by Shawn Micallef (of Spacing, Murmur, and Eye Weekly) as having real writers and a real photographer. I suppose this is the real deal, as opposed to something Micallef considers too amateur or fake? Or maybe the e-zine will be called "Real Toronto" or something to that effect.

All-day Kindergarten is coming to some Ontario schools in September, and Dalton McGuinty is slated to make the announcement today. As for the roll-out, schools in low-income areas will be prioritized and all eligible kids in Ontario are expected to have full-day placements by 2015. The costs are huge, and we're already running massive deficits, which means Dalton is either crazy or he must really love this song.

Travel via Pearson and other Canadian airports this week will likely be more a pain in the arse than it already is, because there's been "credible intelligence" that suggests that terrorists "want to use Canada as a jumping-off point to get into the U.S." Using planes is so 2001, isn't it?

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