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Morning Brew: Samsung Solar Wind Farm, Toronto Public Library Boom, Calories on Restaurant Menus, Unemployment in Toronto, Pot Smoking Teens and Sex

Photo: "My Very Own Spock Five" by mgerskup, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

The provincial government is close to announcing a deal with South Korean companies (including Samsung) that will bring manufacturing jobs in the green energy sector to Ontario. A proposed 200-turbine solar wind farm on the shore of Lake Erie is also rumoured, and critics are concerned about a "special deal" that might elevate the cost of electricity for Ontario in the process.

Toronto Public Libraries saw a huge boost in borrowing this year, and the recession may be a factor as more people borrow rather than buy. The introduction of free wireless internet system-wide, along with other innovative perks (like wine!), are also cited as positive changes. Unfortunate, however, is that the most demanded books happen to also be some of the flakiest works out there.

Here's an idea to try to help curb obesity - introduce laws that force restaurants to print caloric values on their menus. If we were to follow New Jersey's lead, people might think twice about inhaling that 1097 cal veal sandwich.

Unemployment continues to be a problem in Toronto despite a slow pull-out of the economic nose-dive. Compared to December of 2008, the unemployment numbers for December 2009 paint the stark picture; the number of people seeking jobs was up 30%.

Good news for travelers heading to the United States: strict security measures (that were implemented after the failed bombing attempt over the Christmas holidays) are being relaxed a little. As of today, some airports are now allowing US-bound passengers to bring one carry-on bag onto planes (as long as they're not filled with liquids).

For parents with teenagers who are wondering if their kids are being honest or not about being sexually active, there's advice coming from the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada - smell them, go through their drawers looking for Zig Zags, and shine flashlights into their eyes. If they're smoking pot, there's a really good chance that they're also knocking boots. Another factor leading to increased sexual activity amongst teens: when "boys and girls are allowed to spend too much time together."

And iconic and talented Canadian folk singer Kate McGarrigle (best known as being one half of the McGarrigle Sisters, and mother to Rufus Wainwright) passed away at 63. For the younger generation, she may be more known for her singing in the NFB classic "Log Driver's Waltz."

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