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Morning Brew: Green Bin Follow-up, Halton Parents Awakened at 5 a.m., Stabbing at Dufferin Station, If You Were Mayor, AGCO and LCBO Rules

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

If you're the average resident of Toronto and you file a complaint to the City when you observe garbage collectors tossing green bin waste in with grey bin garbage, do you see immediate corrective measures taken, and get a personal follow up visit from city staff? Probably not. But if you're a journalist for a national newspaper... you do.

Some 25,000 parents in Halton got an unexpected phone call from the school board - at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning! A glitch with their high-tech auto-dialing information dissemination system led to the board mistakenly waking up parents to inform them that it was a snow day. So much for getting that precious weekend beauty sleep, eh? Oops.

Police in the Jane & Finch area are looking for a 15-year old babysitter and her 4-year old nephew after the two went missing last night. Authorities want the teen to know that she's "not in trouble" and that she should reveal her location. If she's not in trouble, will she be getting the babysitting gig next weekend?

Details are sketchy, but what we do know is that a man was stabbed in the neck at Dufferin Station yesterday evening, TTC subway train service was halted to allow for police to investigate, and that a male suspect was being sought.

The National Post launched an interesting series this weekend, called "If I Were Mayor." First up were CBC's George Stomboulopoulos of The Hour, and Annie Kidder, Executive director of People for Education. Who would you like to see appear in this series? I'd love to see what Stephen Harper would do. Or what Peter Griffin sees as good for Toronto.

Just months after getting into Ontario's monopoly-controlled alcoholic beverages market (a huge feat in and of itself), Boxer Beer is now under fire from the AGCO because it's name is problematic. And in a related story, the LCBO is looking to tighten regulations on church wine because the potential for abuses exists under current rules. Are these government bodies too strict?

And here's what blogTO was up to this weekend:

  • Briony profiled Covet + Crave, a fashion retailer that recently changed locations to Queen Street, where it has teamed with former resident Brazen Hussy.
  • Tim reminded us that online Toronto arts talk show Late Nate in the Bedroom is still going strong.
  • Matthew reviewed the Julie Fader and Daniel Romano show at the El Mocambo - a great show that felt like a series of jam sessions.
  • Kelly picked the brain of mayoral hopeful Rocci Rossi, on all things Toronto and his visions for our future.
  • Paula dined in the dark at O.NOIR and while she couldn't show us the food, she did fill us in on the tastes and challenges involved in the experience.

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