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Morning Brew: Daring Prisoner Escape in Hamilton, "Kick a Ginger Day" Suspensions, Office Space Vacancies, Bike Lane Problems, New Canada Post Mailboxes

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

A convicted armed robber is on the lam after escaping custody during a hospital visit in Hamilton. The two prison guards who were his escorts were ambushed by a pair of masked, armed men who then whisked the prisoner away in the prison van, ditched it for another car, and successfully fled. It's prime time TV action, in real life.

An all-day, all-Kindergarten school is being considered by the Toronto District School Board. It would be an interesting experiment, although I suspect there's a limit to how much plasticine molding, block sharing, unnecessary crying, pants-peeing, and knee-scraping can go on in one place at once.

"Kick a Ginger Day" may be funny to fans of trash TV's South Park, but when students at a Halton region school re-enacted the concept by forming roving gangs to beat up on redheads at school, intervention and punishment were required. 25 students have been suspended, and rightfully so. See embedded video coverage below.

Are too many office towers being built in Toronto? According to a recent study, a surge in construction of office space in the city is going to result in unprecedented levels of vacancy in the coming years. I suppose this may be a boon for new businesses seeking office space, as competitive lease pricing may be a direct result.

I've been steaming mad about the effects the bike lanes added along Annette and Dupont have had on vehicular traffic congestion, and it now appears that there are other issues popping up. At least one business owner claims to have seen a drop in business as a result of the reduction in roadside parking spaces.

Another pedestrian was struck and killed this morning while wearing headphones. In the era of smartphone and mp3 player ubiquity, we need to realize that there's a time and a place for being distracted by them.

Canada Post has rolled out new mailboxes, covered in postal codes. Like them?

And blogTO is looking for a few great bloggers to join our ever-growing team. It's a fun gig. Trust me. I've been at for almost 4 years and love it.

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