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Morning Brew: Auto Insurance Changes, Downsview Park Dreams Diminishing, Sharp Candy, Canada Malting Silo Preservation

Photo: untitled by tomms, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

With auto insurance rates on the rise, Ontario Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan is making proposals to change insurance policies to allow drivers to get more competitive rates. One such change would be to lower the basic medical coverage limit below the current $100,000. Would you be willing to drop down to a $10,000 basic medical coverage insurance package, to save a few bucks each month, if it were available?

Remember the grand plans for a massive urban park at the former Downsview military base? The plan has morphed over the years, and in order to fund the park concept, residential development had to be incorporated. But now we're left wondering if the park will ever be, and by the time there are enough funds, how much will remain as park when it's complete.

Another year, another discovery of a razor blade and a needle in candy given to kids on Halloween. At least Toronto didn't fall victim to the feared armed mugging purple Teletubby, like London did.

Parking is hard to find in some parts of the city, but worse yet is that there are places that pretty much need to have ample parking but don't. New condos, the Brick Works, and Artscape Wychwood Barns are a few recent developments that fall into this category, and have me thinking that things are only going to get worse in this regard.

The Toronto Museum idea has been shifted away from the site, but can a combination of city monies and private funds save the Canada Malting silos at the foot of Bathurst? Are they worth preserving?

And here's what blogTO was doing this Halloween weekend, with the extra hour we earned when the clocks fell back an hour:

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