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Morning Brew: Bike Station Pilot Wanes, Liquor License Row, Subway Jumper, No Nobel and No Black Bear Hunting

Photo: "bunny in stroller" by ppelisek, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Did the summer civic worker strike negatively affect the pilot project for the downtown commuter bike station? It's reached just half capacity up until now. Or is it just not going to be a popular option at all?

David Dewees, a teacher at Jarvis Collegiate who was accused of invitation to sexual touching and luring of teenage boys, committed suicide by jumping in front of a TTC subway train at High Park station on Saturday. Rarely are train jumpers reported in the media, but when you're high profile just before it happens, I guess you make the gruesome news.

City Councillor Joe Pantalone doesn't want Ici, a bistro at Harbord & Manning, to get a liquor license. Come on, Joe... this isn't another shady or boisterous pub (like up on Bloor). And clearly they're not planning to get nearby high school kids wasted on wine and croissants during lunch hour.

Toronto-based scientists Ernest McCulloch and James Till were vying for the Nobel Prize for their discovery of and decades of research with stem cells. But despite stem cells being the future of health care, they didn't win this year. Maybe next time?

City Councillor Micheal Walker wants the city to revamp the plastic shopping bag 5-cent fee concept because he claims that as it stands it's a cash grab for retailers. Not if we bring our own reusable bags though, right?

10 years after being halted, and despite major increases in human-bear contact and nuisance reports, the province is still not ready to bring back the spring bear hunt. Sorry hunters, you'll have to restrict your shooting and skinning to other, less badass animals, like bunnies.

And for everyone who was art-viewing and/or sleeping all weekend, here's what blogTO was up to:

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