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Morning Brew: TTC Metropass too Popular, Newstalk 1010 Lineup Shakeup, Guns Tracked Down, Teens Gang Assaulting (and Smoking Blackmarket Butts)

Photo: "near spadina and queen " by Half my Dad's age, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

I smell a fare hike and a broken promise. Or a bunch of other broken promises. The TTC is really short on funds and the transferable Metropass is being singled out as the main cause of lost revenue... which is happening despite record high ridership numbers. How can this happen? They're building new stations, increasing service, hiring a bunch of new staff, and... selling more Metropasses than ever? What's worse is that one bloated, unionized city entity is likely to eat up the savings made when another unionized city entity went on strike this summer (and eventually was given wage increases and kept their sick day banking).

A shakeup at Newstalk 1010 CFRB is shuffling John Moore (the stations best personality, in my opinion) to the morning commuter slot, while Bill Carroll moves to the 9am-1pm slot, and (potential mayoral candidate) John Tory gets his chance to fill post-workday ears at 4pm-7pm. No longer will I have to choose between John Moore on 1010 and Matt Galloway on CBC. Instead, I now have to choose between Andy Barry on CBC and John Moore in his new time slot.

Toronto Police tracked down some 400 unregistered guns, by digging through old paperwork and doing a lot of legwork. It may seem like a great victory, but with 2.3 million registered guns in the province, I don't think that criminals who steal them care if they're registered or not.

What wrong with teens these days? When they aren't being charged with first degree murder of an elderly man (see yesterday's news), they're being accused of robbing and gang sexually assaulting a woman in a stair well (today's news).

And cheap, blackmarket cigarettes are putting teens in danger. And the "official" (i.e. duty paid) ones that cost more aren't? I wanted to see what the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco was all about, but their web page is broken.

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