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Saturday Brew: Storm Summaries, Fugitive Remains at Large, Question Answered, TTC Bus Increase, Cabbagetown No Longer Old, CNE Injuries

Photo: "SPIN" by gardinergirl, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Many people felt that the massive storm that pounded the GTA on Thursday came as something of a surprise. But was it really? Although meteorologists did encounter a bit of difficulty tracking and predicting the system, watches and warnings were actually provided very early according to Environment Canada. Five quick facts about the storm its tornadoes here.

The hunt resumes for Ryan Jenkins, the man suspected of murdering Jasmine Fiore, after an unnamed passenger detained at Pearson International Airport turned out not to be Jenkins. The RCMP had alerted Peel Police that a man fitting Jenkins description was on a Westjet flight to Toronto from Vancouver. Jenkins is pretty generic looking, so I'm sure lot's of dudes resembling him are on flights in Canada daily. I guess it's better for the authorities to be safe than sorry, but what a nightmare for the innocent people temporarily detained.

Speaking of which, I got the answer to my question about how much Suaad Hagi Mohamud will sue the federal government for. She announced yesterday that she'll be seeking 2.5 million dollars, and her lawyers are also asking for a public apology -- one that I think is deserved.

The TTC has revealed a proposal to increase bus service city wide through 2015. The 55 page document calls for, among other things, all day ten minute service on 21 of its 139 surface routes and all day twenty minute service to an additional 75 routes. The proposed changes, which await approval from the commission on Wednesday, would be downright wonderful for those of us who rely on bus service. But, of course, to implement such improvements would require a major investment on the part of Toronto city council (roughly 116 million dollars), meaning this might all be wishful thinking.

When the NDP proposed dropping the "New" from their name, there was quite the stir (and a plethora of dirty jokes), but a similar dropping of the "Old" from Old Cabbagetown's city-sanctioned monikor has been cause for little to no objection. This lack of controversy surely has to do with the fact no one ever referred to Cabbagetown that way in the first place!

The CNE kicked into gear yesterday, and already children have been injured on its rides. A nine year-old girl broke her leg while a four year-old hit his head hard enough to warrant a hospital trip. The ride the boy was on -- a mechanical car on a sloping track -- was temporarily shut down. I'm sure there will be more injuries of this type over the course of the EX because the reality is that a lot of the rides do have a minor element of danger. But, then again, so does riding a bike!

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