Morning Brew: Cyclist Gunned Down, Cheaper Groceries, Consolidation of Public Schools, Wedding Coordinator Bankruptcy Blunders, Farewell to Alex Rios

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Late last night we had yet another shooting in Rexdale. A man was gunned down on his bike after going to the store to buy groceries. Police aren't yet saying whether or not this latest cold-blood killing is related to the recent spate of gun violence in the Martingrove and Finch area, but in some ways it's better if it ends up being deemed revenge-related, because randomly shooting and killing an innocent cyclist would be worse, right? Ugh.

Groceries could end up being more affordable overall, if the significant price drops by Loblaw spurs other major food retailers to do the same. We could use a break... it's been a tough recession year for a lot of Torontonians.

A 44-year old New Brunswick woman made a very unexpected 14h drive to Toronto this weekend when a gun-wielding man carjacked her and forced her to take him all the way from the east coast to our fine city. Either this guy was desperately trying to save on air fare, or he's a deranged lunatic.. and now amongst us. Gasp!

Several highly anticipated events that were scheduled to take place in an unusual venue, the non-functioning, historic Don Jail, have all been canceled because the Ontario Realty Corporation claims that the event promoter never acquired the required licenses to throw the events. Oops.

Is it time to do a major consolidation of public schools in Toronto? Closin a bunch of schools that have low enrollment might force some students to travel further everyday, but may also allow the TDSB to save $10-15 million annually. It's clearly a tough decision to make.

Imagine finding out on your wedding day that your event coordinator/decorator has no plans to come and do the job because they're on the verge of declaring bankruptcy? That would suuuuck. But it's alleged that the company Affairs With Flair did this to more than one couple, and further allegations suggest that the company continued to take client payments even though they were in danger of going belly up. This one may end up being decided in the courts.

And the Jays let Alex Rios contract be taken over off waivers by the Chicago White Sox yesterday, saving the sub-0.500 team some $60-million in salary over the next 5 years. It's a shame they couldn't have traded him for a prospect, but getting rid of a very high-priced, mediocre player is generally a good thing.

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