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Morning Brew: Councillor Receives Legal Aid, Champion Blue Jays Back in Town, 130 km/hr Over Speed Limit

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What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Councillor Sandra Bussin will get the legal aid she wanted from the city for her libel case, but she may be the only one, as the city also decided against making it an ongoing policy. Granting a councillor free access to the courts is a slippery and dangerous slope, but Councillor Girogio Mammoliti sees it differently. His sensitive skin is a bit too thin, his ego perhaps a bit too big.

There's no doubt in my mind that the best way to fly into or out of our city is on Porter, via the City Centre Airport. The only nuisance? Waiting on the ferry. So it's not too surprising to me that only 31% of Torontonians are opposed to a pedestrian tunnel. It's dated now, but the underground walkway at Chicago's O'Hare airport between United terminals was a destination until airport security rules changed and you needed a ticket to access the area. Besides, an amazing tunnel connecting the airport to the city will be a lot cheaper than the rail connection to Pearson.

The news that the economy is on the mend and the slow rebound of financial markets must be little solace for the 45,000 people who lost jobs in July and the 8.6% of the population overall who find themselves unemployed.

The headline "Remembering Roberto" threw me for a moment, but then I remembered it's Blue Jays World Series Reunion weekend and realized the mighty former second baseman was signing autographs for fans in an Etobicoke Pizza Pizza. It would seem time has washed away any contempt fans may have felt for the Spit Heard Round the World.

It's nice to know police cars can go fast. The OPP stopped a Mitsubishi Lancer - and its driver - on Highway 10 in Brampton last night. The man was only going 130km OVER the speed limit; he was clocked at 210km/hr in an 80km zone. I'd say "Sorry officer, I didn't realize my speed" isn't going to cut it.

If somebody accosts you on the street for your picture, it might just be Michelle Gibson or John Beebe and their Diversity Project. The idea is to capture the faces and stories of Toronto's diverse people and put them online, although I don't see how this won't make it into a physical show eventually. Maybe it's time for a public art project incorporating Toronto's faces - Chicago's version of this (with, literally, just faces) has been enormously popular. Not that I'm saying we should copy.

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