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Morning Brew: Body Found in Trunk, Mayor Defends Toronto as Tourist Destination, Indy Racing Returns

Photo: untitled by Squeakyrat, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Elementary French school teacher and single mom Connie Valencia-Russo was found by police, murdered, in the trunk of her car yesterday in North York. Police are looking for tips to help them find the suspect(s). Sticking a body in the trunk sounds like a mafia move, but to leave the car available - and to use a Toyota Corolla - does not. Let's hope the police have better ideas.

CNN put Mayor Miller on the air to talk about Toronto tourism in the face of a garbage strike and Miller found himself cut off as he tried to defend the city as a great tourist destination right now, despite piles of garbage. The mayor claims nobody would even notice the garbage, which seems odd when the city continues installing new garbage bins - with signs attached saying not to use them. But I'm sure no tourists ever have anything to throw away, and I'm sure they'd love to just cary their trash back to their hotel.

Least shocking poll results ever: Torontonians don't like the mayor or the striking unions. I find it a bit strange that as liberal a town as Toronto is, its unions rarely get much public support, even when taking a legal strike position. I also find it strange that the mayor would have let things come to this as there was no way he was going to emerge as a hero out of this, and I can only assume he wants to be re-elected.

Vroom Vroom... Molson Honda Indy returns this weekend after a year-long hiatus. Expect road closures, loud engines and rain on Saturday. Also some high performance vehicles traveling at very high speeds.

Apparently in the NBA you can change history. The surprise signing of free-agent Hedo Turkoglu is no longer an outright signing but a piece of a much larger, much more complicated sign-and-trade deal between four teams, which will also see Shawn Merion depart the Raptors. The moves look great now but if Bryan Colangelo can't convince Chris Bosh to stick around, this massive deal will look like a massive waste of time.

Rising star (but still rookie) David Price outpitched the mighty Roy Halladay, carrying the Tampa Bay Rays to a sweep of the Blue Jays. The silver lining is that Halladay's trade value can't really be hurt by a hard luck loss.

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