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Morning Brew: February 26th, 2009

Photo: "saturday afternoon at The Rhino" by Peter Grevstad, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Remember that chilling video that police posted to the net after an 18-year old was gunned down execution style in a building lobby last March? Two suspects were arrested but now may be released without trial due to a lack of witnesses. Are people afraid to come forward with evidence, or are these not the guys who did it? We may never know.

The owner of an all-female gym in St. Catharines is being taken to task and facing the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario after dismissing a man's phone call query to join the gym. It turns out that the man calling was actually a transsexual who identified as a woman but still had her... um... man parts. Is the gym owner in the wrong for not immediately accepting the application, or should the transsexual applicant be granted the apology and cash settlement being sought?

A think tank looking into the fiscal state of universities during the economic downturn has proposed a 25% hike in tuition fees. What?! Apparently it's kind of overdue (when inflation and tax credits are considered). The Educational Policy Institute says that parents can afford the increase, while the institutions can't bear the downturn on their own. The banks that dole out student loans must love this idea.


Ticketmaster is making headlines again. This time they're taking flack for selling tickets on TicketsNow at jacked up prices in advance of the scheduled release of regularly priced tickets on Ticketmaster. These guys have been running the show too long, and, in my opinion, should have these questionable practices halted by new legislation that makes them illegal.

And I've made the decision to remove 680news.com from my RSS reader. I've found that they no longer cover local news effectively enough, instead opting to feature brief snippets related to national and international stories. I'll still stay on their breaking news email list though, only because they are often first to point to breaking news.

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