Morning Brew: January 6, 2009

Photo: "Light Commute In Overdrive" by sniderscion, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Can't we all just get along? Toronto's executive committee of city councillors attached some notable conditions on their support of the Yonge subway into York Region. Like $2.5 billion worth of notable conditions. The move also screams turf wars since the city is pushing its own Transit City plans in what inevitably will turn into petty bickering about who gets transit money first. Get ready for it: 416 versus 905 Transit Smackdown 2009!

April Fools! Oh, right, still January. Tell that to Thomas Noftall who appeared to win $135,000 on 4 Fruit Smash scratch-off lottery tickets, only to find out that the winning combos were a printing error... and he'll get nothing. I've got an uncle who gives scratch-offs with every present he ever gives and nobody ever wins, so much so OLG's gotta have enough to cut this guy a deal.

I Bike T.O. has the scoop on how to winterize your bike, but if studded tires aren't your thing Clayton Preddy is digging his Ktrack. Although the manufacturer is targeting the city's winter bicycle commuters (or perhaps the ones who put their bikes away for winter), before you know it there will be meetings of the Green Snowmobile Club. That'll be good... snowmobilers will be able to see the angry look cyclists usually reserve for drivers who get in their way.


I like getting mail as much as the next guy (ok, maybe even more - I love coming home to a letter or package), but one Toronto man went so far as to rob a Canada Post deliveryman at gunpoint yesterday.

Grand poobah of proper china and crystal Waterford & Wedgewood went into receivership yesterday, shattering job and wedding registry security worth more than all their place-settings combined. Not a Toronto story? It will be when hoardes of wild-eyed brides flock to local fine china poobah William-Ashley to update their registries to non-bankrupt dishmakers.

Team Canada won gold in the world juniors last night, their fifth triumph in a row. Does winning ever get old? The rest of the world doesn't really care? Well, Blame Canada!

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