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Morning Brew: January 30th, 2009

Photo: "Look, Point" by sjgardiner, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Police think they know who the shooter was in the shocking midday shooting at the Osgoode TTC subway station last week, and they've gone public with his name and photo in hopes that they'll get tips that will help nab him. Curt John is a suspect in a number of violent crimes, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

Much less widespread and far more quickly remedied than the previous, another power outage affected the city's west end yesterday. The cause for the hydro vault "electrical flash" is still under investigation, and the two hydro workers that suffered related injuries have been treated and released. Is our hydro infrastructure in serious trouble (much like our deteriorating water and sewer systems are)?

The Loblaws at Christie & Dupont is likely the most squeaky clean grocery store around now. After being shut down by Toronto Public Heath on Monday (and initially turning away leagues of concerned customers without revealing any information about the reason for the closure), it appears to be back in business. Comments in our breaking news post from Monday suggest that there have been some staff changes, which I guess is a good thing since things shouldn't have been allowed to degenerate to the state they did. Expectations are such that if you have a rodent problem, you fix it (especially when you have pest control services at your disposal for just that).


In another neglect-of-duty-oopsies, a man was released from a Milton prison by mistake. He was in for drug and firearms offenses, and is now... somewhere.

And an Oshawa teen, who was working as a volunteer cameraman for Rogers at OHL games at an arena, was told by the people that run the venue that he's no longer welcome. The reason? He violated do-not-talk-to-celebrity orders by briefly chatting with hockey buff Don Cherry. Now his father is filing a damages lawsuit, citing future lost wages.

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