Morning Brew: January 13, 2009

Photo: "Glass and Blue Sky" by wvs, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

The winners from Spacing's thinkTORONTO competition are on display at city hall through the 18th. The winning proposals would dramatically remake parts of the city - for the better. City planners are particularly fond of the proposal to add skylights to PATH, which would bring sunlight underground in a beautiful way.

2009 had been such a good year for the TSX. Well, it was up this year anyway, until a nearly 300 point dip yesterday wiped out the year's gains - and put the market down overall for the new year. A drop in oil prices is getting blamed, so when the price at the pump drops, know that it comes with a hefty price tag on your investments.

With mounting frustration over the strike at York U, and an offer on the table the union says is unacceptable, one family has turned to Facebook to give prospective students a warning: do not come to York. York's admissions people may want to start their own Facebook group, with a new slogan: Come to York U, where classes won't get in the way of making new friends!

I know it's gonna be cold when Metro Morning informs me we've already reached the day's high (-1, btw) by 7am. Starting tonight, and continuing the rest of the week, Toronto is going to feel like a deep freezer, with temperatures reaching -30 with the wind chill. Although it's been useful making ice on the back porch, I much prefer the +30 days in summer.


Toronto native Howie Mandel is in hospital after going in last night with an irregular heartbeat. When offered the case with a heart attack Mandel shouted "No Deal!" and then promptly took the next offer, which included an overnight stay and release later today.

Remember how back in December Greyhound announced it would tighten security at the bus terminal on Bay Street? Yeah, ok, me neither. Well, apparently, those changes haven't happened yet.

Three young men died in a car crash last July after leaving a Muskoka golf club, and now 16 staff members, including managers and executives, of that club were charged with serving the victims too much booze. The accused will have to prove there was no negligence in order to not be found guilty, but I'm thinking that when you serve three young men 31 drinks in just a couple of hours - and then let them drive away - you are more likely to become a shining example of negligence, not the other way around.

Well after last week's lottery debacle any Fruit Smash winning ticket may sound too good to be true, but Scarborough's Dawn Dudgeon won the $75,000 jackpot. Now she's going to Disney World! No, really, she is.

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