Morning Brew: December 12th, 2008

Photo: "Stealing Your Shot" by Tom Podolec (news46), member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA (and sometimes beyond):

Investigations by the RCMP have found that as many as 38 different organized crime rings that traffic illegal goods (including drugs and people) have people on the ground at Pearson Airport. Some of those baggage handlers, food caterers, and ramp staff aren't just there to help you have a "pleasant journey" in the air.

The Greater Toronto Hockey League is dealing with their own "Todd Bertuzzi" apparently, and unfortunately an official got far more involved than he wanted to. A linesman in his early 40's has lost his job and wants it back because it was the 15-year old punk player who threw the first punch that initiated their on-ice fight.

Did a python live mostly dormant behind a Collingwood man's kitchen stove for 6 months? A tenant and building manager had to join forces to pull a 3.5ft long snake out of a hole in the wall. Good thing the snake was discovered when it was, or the tenant's cat may have been the python's next lunch.


A Toronto mother will be appearing in court to face charges of public mischief and criminal harassment after its alleged that she was responsible for an absolutely despicable prank. Police believe that she pretended to be a teacher, called a bunch of parents to inform them that their kids had been sexually assaulted at school, and had them show up to meet the stunned principal on a PD day. Wow. People are friggin insaniacs.

A Toronto doctor who specializes in weight-lose surgery is believed to also specialize in taking advantage of his patients. He's pleaded no contest, and lost his license pending trial for the sexual assault of four different patients, some with whom he did drugs with and got three-way kinky with in his office.

A certain Toronto soccer team is doing very well at attracting and keeping fans coming to the games. The TFC have once again sold out 16,000 season ticket packages, and 95% of previous holders have renewed. Those are some incredible numbers!

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