What's Your Story? Misused text and Horses

What's Your Story? features the different characters that roam the streets of Toronto. Every Monday and Thursday, a new person shares their story, likes and dislikes about the city, a little secret and more.


Name: Niall

Age: 28

What neighbourhood are you from? Grew up in the Junction and live in Little Portugal.

What do you 'do'? Ink, photocopies and misused text.

How long have you been in Toronto? 21 years

What's your story?

"Described as tall, slim and elegant, he plays tennis, squash (rackets), golf (with a sixteen handicap), darts and rides horses. He has a pleasant, light baritone voice, can play the banjolele but has lost interest and plays auction bridge. He once wrote an article on What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing for his Aunt Dahlia's paper Milady's Boudoir. He is a member of the Drones Club."

Favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

Goodwater Gallery, Ronnie's Local, Monkey's Paw, Christie Pitts, Tony Nick's, The Path, New York Subs, Keg Mansion, Dufferin Grove, Manic Coffee, Mirvish Books, Tacos El Asador, AGYU, Klaxon Howl, Oddfellows, Teenanger, $100, High Park...

Least favorite thing(s) about Toronto:

Visiting my friends that live in Parkdale (including a friend who recently moved here, who I explicitly told NOT to move there) and running into grown men and women who I went to grade school with who've never left their parents basement apartments. It's awkward. I see the appeal in the neighborhood but...not for me.

You have 24 hours to spend with someone who's never been to Toronto before - what do you do?

Hop on the bike and spend half the day criss-crossing the city East as far as you can (which is as adventurous as I'd get cause there's obviously no point going north of Bloor), then for the second half, grab a bunch of beer, drugs and friends and go to the island in time for the sunset.

One thing that your friends/family don't know about you:

"Despite successfully avoiding any permanent commitments, he is not a confirmed bachelor. He once (probably) proposed to Cynthia Wickhammersley and although she declined they remain friends. He certainly proposed to Bobbie Wickham and Vanessa Cook, although much to his relief later they also turned him down, and was very briefly engaged to Pauline Stoker. He was also engaged many times by accident, thanks to the Code of the Woosters, including to his cousin Florence Craye (four times) and to Honoria Glossop. At least four of these engagements occurred at his Aunt Dahlia's place, Brinkley Court. He even managed to get turned down by Madeline Bassett without actually proposing to her but the threat of a later acceptance hung over him for some time."

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