Morning Brew: November 13th, 2008

Photo: "Banana!" by un_owen, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

What's happening in the GTA:

Canwest is axing away at its media properties, in an attempt to recover from a serious nosedive. 560 newspaper and broadcast jobs are being cut, the Global Ontario morning news program will be canceled, and the National Post's circulation strategy is being revamped in an attempt to bring it into the black. Tough times call for desperate measures.

Tim Horton's won't have to give deeper discounts when customers bring their own reusable mugs - for now. They've won a 5-month reprieve, and the city of Toronto will be revisiting the much-debated coffee cup waste reduction battle in April of 2009. Representatives of the two sides debated for over 10 hours, over an issue that really boils down to customer education (it takes about 0.01 seconds to remove the plastic lid and make the paper portion recyclable).

Two old university roommates will be entering a contest with huge ramifications - leader of the federal Liberal party. Toronto MP Michael Ignatieff has joined Bob Rae in expressing intent to go for top job at the party. If it comes down to these two, I think they should both put on togas and settle it with a funnel/chugging contest at the next Liberal party leadership convention.


Cat burglars broke into a Forest Hill home and made off with a 200lb. safe containing over $1million worth of jewelry - including a couple of Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup rings from the '70s. This adds further proof that Stanley Cup rings any younger than 41 years old just don't belong in Toronto.

The suburb west of the Big Smoke is making crime news again. This time the story is about a Mississauga man of just 21 years of age, who has been arrested and charged for pimping a young woman. While Craiglist is known as a good place to sell cars and cameras, apparently it's not the ideal place to sell sex slavery.

A much anticipated report on youth violence in Ontario is due for release tomorrow. Will we learn from it, or will it pretty much tell us what we already know?

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