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Morning Brew: June 11th, 2008

Photo: "Toronto the buggy" by Global Hermit, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Your Toronto morning news roundup for Wednesday June 11th, 2008:

TTC transit heads up (6:50am):
Two streetcars collided at Bay & Dundas this morning, injuring a number of people and prompting road closure while the streetcars are put back on the tracks and removed. Because pigs don't fly and because $400,000 doesn't buy much these days, you'll find no timely info about any of this on or the new websites.
UPDATE (8:10am): at about 8am posted an alert on their front page. Way to go! :)
UPDATE (8:30am): CBC Radio1 says the streets were reopened just after 8am, rendering the TTC's update kind of... uh... useless. It's been removed in a timely fashion.

What does a million pennies look like? Students at Bedford Park Public school had the opportunity to learn the answer to that question, after meeting their goal of collecting $10,000 worth of one cent coins. The coins were loaded into an armoured car and sent off to Children's Wish Foundation in style.

A couple of drunk guys had a major lapse in better judgment, broke into Casa Loma, and stole some antique guns. In the process, one managed to cut himself pretty badly, leaving a 1km long trail of blood and enough DNA to make a clone army of imbeciles.


The taped interview with incarcerated psycho killer Paul Bernardo (pertaining to the unsolved disappearance of Scarborough's Elizabeth Bain) was released to the media despite the Crown's attempt to keep it out of the public eye. Last night I found it difficult to avoid catching unwanted glimpses of the video footage as I flipped through the evening television news. The Globe and Mail dissects the video without actual visuals, which may make it slightly easier/difficult to get through.

Scarborough City Council finally got their photo taken and displayed. One councillor's mom forgot it was picture day and he showed up in his Clifford the Big Red Dog t-shirt, another cried because she had to sit cross-legged in the front row, and another wouldn't stop making googly eyes the whole time. Then at recess Johnny wouldn't let anyone else have their turn at tetherball.

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