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Morning Brew: May 1st, 2008

Photo: "red" by -stacey-, member of the blogTO Flickr pool.

Your Toronto morning news roundup for Thursday May 1st, 2008:

Smoking in a car when children are sharing the confined space within may soon become illegal in Ontario. Legislation has been introduced, but I suspect there may be some pressures from the stinky tobacco industry to curb it. This one will likely continue to spur heated "it's my right" and "that's junk science" debates.

Too much vodka, plenty of emotional aggitation, and a heart condition are my guesses. Early reports describe an unfortunate incident yesterday at Pearson airport. A man on board a flight from Moscow landed in Toronto dead after having been intoxicated, and having to be restrained by the flight crew. That's not a flight I'd want to be on - it makes a relentless, screaming baby seem like milk and honey.


Stories like these hurt to hear about and are hard to write about. A bystander who intervened in an altercation, in an attempt to stop a man from stabbing a woman, has died. The initial victim is also dead, and the suspect was making an attempt on his own life when police effectively used a taser to apprehend him.

ATM banking continues to be target for fraudsters and despite years of training ATM users, some still get duped and lose their savings to thieves. CityNews reports on another recent arrest and takes the opportunity to pass on tips for safer ATM use.

Big trucks carrying really tall things can't fit under some low hanging things - like highway overpasses. Yesterday on highway 400 a big truck carrying a tall thing tried but failed to drive under an overpass, instead smashing into it. Serious enough damage forced the road to be closed while crews fixed the mess.

The Toronto Blue Jays are off to a rocky start to the season and are sitting in the cold, dark basement. Fans were hoping that this year would be different, but so far their hopes are only hopes and not reality. TFC! TFC!

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