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Morning Brew: February 8th, 2008

Photo: "Bread Tower" by blogTO Flickr pooler bitefight.

Your morning news roundup for Friday February 8th, 2008:

There's no snow in Boston, but my journey back to Toronto yesterday took 7h (instead of under 4h) door-to-door due to the poor weather conditions at Pearson days before. When your flight is already 3h late arriving, it hurts to have to sit on the plane on the tarmac waiting for a crew to arrive to dock it. Delays have cascaded for days and continue.

A lot of people complain that Torontonians are a rather cold and callous breed, and would rather not get involved when they're on the scene of crime/attacks/emergencies that call for good ol' fashioned intervention. Yesterday a good Samaritan tried to stop a fight and was stabbed and ended up in the hospital. Should he have turned a blind eye and continued on his way home instead?


The GTA has allegedly been part of the worldwide Mafia network's ring. A massive probe that netted 77 arrests in New York and Italy suggests that one alleged member was a regular visitor to Toronto discos and was the intended target in a sandwich shop hit attempt back in 2004. I'm not sure if it's more surprising that we have had organized crime bosses visit us, or that we actually have discos. Discos?

The province is moving to remove a significant amount of red tape that has been stalling progress on public transit development. Limiting the time allowed for completion of environmental assessments to 6 months aims to expedite the process and prevent NIMBYs from requesting comparison of proposed changes to hot-air balloon and catapults as alternatives.

Sexsomnia: a rare form of sleeping disorder that causes people to commit sexual acts while they are asleep (definition from wiki). Should Ontario declare a man who was found not-guilty of sexual assault a danger to society?

The Major League Soccer 2008 schedule has been released. Toronto FC has some great home game match-ups and BMO Field will also host the All-Star game on July 24th. TFC! TFC!

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