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Screw Forest Fires, Only You Can Stop the Drink Tax!

Have you conditioned yourself against yelping in pain when you get your pay slip, and see the amount taken off in taxes, front and center? I'm still working on that (much to my coworkers' chagrin) and living in the city of Toronto really isn't helping much. We're already paying through the nose for things like gas and garbage collection, one would think you could stumble home, shed a tear and down a much needed brew in peace.

Opening that bottle could easily open those weeping floodgates if you think too hard about all the taxes you already pay for such divine pork soda. Add the fact that Ontario has given the City of Toronnah the option suck a little more nectar out of that bottle before it even gets to your mouth, and it can make you not even want to get out of bed.

You think it ain't gonna happen? My guess is that 10% sounds awfully nice...

"Enough is enough!" screams the No Drink Tax website. Sadness swept over me as I read about how much money is already going to the provincial and federal governments; a whopping 58% of the price on every can, bottle, and paper box container (with convenient and much appreciated spout!) to be exact.

That a lot of cash being grabbed already, and Mayor Miller sure isn't one to get gun shy when it comes to trying to fill up the cookie jar. Maybe we won't really notice. After all, we've finally learned to accept and live with other forms of highway robbery.

But then again, no other municipality in the country charges tax on alcoholic beverages. In Montreal, I used to be able to buy a 24 for $24, and it wasn't piss either. Finding what would amount to a deal like that in Toronto would necessitate an impromptu tap dance, but with up to an extra $3 added to the bill it looks like the city will be spared from my latest routine (it's really hot too, choreographed to War Pigs).

Sure, a few bucks might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things. But consider the amount of taxes you already pay. Other "fees" for services that one would expect those taxes previously mentioned would cover. How about the regular GST and PST we already pay on everything? It still might not seem like much if you're on Mayor Miller's $160,000 a year salary. He also doesn't pay parking fees in any city lots, doesn't have to pay for a simple newspaper, and enjoys free use of the luxury box at the Rogers Centre whenever he pleases. I wonder if he tips 15%...

Rant aside, everyone is allowed their opinion. If you want to express yours to the people who'll be making this decision, be sure to visit NoDrinkTax.ca where they have easy to use forms that allow you to send email to the Mayor's office as well as select city councilors of your choice.

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