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With less than a month until this city's municipal elections, it's not hard to miss the deluge of campaign signs that are littering neighbourhood lawns. With 275 people running across Toronto for the position of City Councillor, finding out about each and every single candidate (even out of the few running in your own ward) can get daunting.

In an effort to learn more about the people trying to run the future of this city, I sent out dozens of emails to candidates trying to learn about their motivations and aspirations. A few responded, many didn't. Over the next few days, I'm going to take a look at the few that did.

Today's candidate: Fred Cutler, Ward 7.

Why did you decide to run for city council?
I decided to run for city council because as time went on after the amalgamation, I felt that ward 7 had been forgotten by both the councillor and the city, and many things have been overlooked for too long. I feel that given the chance, I could make a diiference in this ward, and help to tear away the bandages and help our ward to start healing.

What are the significant issues that people in your ward are facing, and what do you plan to do to address those issues?
The significant issues that I am finding as I talk to the resident living in ward 7 are: 1) the lack of recreation available to the youth. 2) the lack of street lighting in certain communities, as these resedents fear coming out at night. 3) crime in the neighborhoods.

What are some of the city-wide issues that you feel most engaged with and why?
I feel the most engaged about the waterfront, as I can not fathom all the money that is suppose to be used for the project as not all of the city will be using it, what I mean by that is I was speaking with some of the resedents of ward 7 and they indicated that the money would be better spent repairing city owned property which is in dire need of repair instead of using the money on something that they would not consider a priority for the city.

What is your larger vision for Toronto in the next few years?
My vision for the whole city of Toronto (not just the downtown core, as Toronto exceeds north past Bloor St.) is for the city to be able to reclaim it's neibourhoods, and reduce crime so that everyone could enjoy everything that is available to them in their communities.

blogTO does not necessarily endorse any of the candidates profiled. Candidates were selected based on the ease of finding their contact information on the web, their willingness to reply to my first email, and a bit of random serendipity.

The Toronto municipal elections take place on November 13, 2006. To find out more on how to vote or how to get involved, visit the city elections website.

(Image: Payam Rajabi)

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