Feeling Wicked? Toronto's Sexy Party.

It was lunch hour when I got the word that Wicked was popping up in my neighbourhood. I had been wondering what they were doing to The Vatikan as of late. I remember passing by and seeing the upstairs lights on, noticing contractors walking around and thinking what an amazing loft apartment that could be. Little did I know that it is the new locale for one of Canada's largest hedonistic clubs.

Wicked is opening up on Queen Street West and Brookfield and claims to be an upscale Swinger's Club that caters to the 25-35 year old crowd complete with "love furniture", communal showers, a multi-tiered orgy room and oh yeah, a DJ spinning a soundtrack to your provocative evening.

The new "red light-esque" establishment basically has free reign now that the Supreme Court of Canada has legalized Swinger's Clubs where consenting adults can engage in sexual activity behind closed doors and even have an audience without suffering any illegal consequence.

Described on their website as a "safe environment where you can live out your wildest sexual fantasies no matter how wild or mild," Level 1 is the "off-premise" area of Wicked. Every Saturday there is a new themed sexy party. This area is reserved for the reserved. Only exhibitionism, flirting, kissing, fondling and dirty dancing are allowed. If you want full penetration/"on-premise action", you'll have to venture over to the VIP suites where daily memberships are $10.00 for women and $60.00 for a couple. For all those men folk out there...you'll have trouble getting in without a lady on your arm and don't forget to be good lookin'--Wicked will turn you away if you, your bod, your sophistication and your style just doesn't cut it.


If you think you have what it takes, you can apply online for a membership but you must attach two of your most tantalizing photos for fear of being rejected at the door. However, if you think that may be the case, you can click on over to Wicked's version of Lavalife called "Fling in the City" and try to snag a date or...uhhh...something.

Sure some of the neighbours are up in arms about having "Toronto's Premiere Erotic Party for Selective Women and their Partners" in their 'hood but there are about 12 other Swinger's Clubs in the GTA and co-owner, Aurora Benzion, seems to say that they have a great track record with over 15 000 exclusive and "sophisticated" members. Whether one chooses to believe that is another story. But think about it, we've got the mental hospital on one end, The Drake on the other, why not add another crazy thing in the middle? Funnily enough when I arrived home from work and turned on CityNews, a friend of mine was commenting on this very same thing and I think he said it best, "A swingers club in MY neighbourhood? I think it's great. Swing Along!" Nice Casey...nice.

The Grand Opening is this Saturday, so for those that want to know why "it's good to be naughty" you should put on your most wild and alluring Wicked wear - but no ripped jeans, khakis, caps or sneakers...this isn't just any Swinger's Club. It's Wicked.


1034 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
416.669.KLUB (Yeah, you read that right. Jeebus.)

Images: Wicked Club

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