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Kenny vs. Spenny is quite possibly the funniest Toronto-born comedy on TV since Kids In The Hall. Filmed here, KVS pits "best friends" Kenny Hotz and Spencer "Spenny" Rice against each other in a number of oddball competitions. The contests range from 'Who Can Stay Naked The Longest', to 'Who Do Kids Like The Most'. The lloser gets humiliated on television in a manner of the winner's choosing.

As popularity for the show grows, the two stars are finding themselves recognized more and more. Kenny, for example, is at the awkward celebrity phase of not being able to skip the line at The Boat, while the entire line recognizes him and congratulates him on his fine show. "It's getting crazy. But people are very nice," says Spenny.

The show originally aired on CBC but never really found its place there. Eventually the show was pulled and later adopted by Showcase. Spenny explains, "the show was too wild for CBC. Once they accidentally ran one of our promos in the toddler block and they received a lot of complaints."

Recently returning to Toronto to film the third season of KVS, Spenny and Kenny were kind enough to answer a few questions I had for them. I warn you, some of the answers they gave were quite offensive.

Where are you living now?
Spenny: In the kvs house. [In Toronto]
Kenny: I Was living in spenny's mom's pussy but it was way too big. I Think her ass is coming up for rent as soon as the hell's angels move out.

Why still film the show in Toronto even though you're not living here?
Spenny: We grew up here,
Kenny: Cuz we are losers.

What did you each do before kvs?
Kenny: We competed without cameras filming us.

Do you enjoy doing the show?


Spenny: Occasionally. But competing against kenny when you're naturally paranoid can be quite trying.
Kenny: Did Hitler enjoy killing Jews? Yes.

Can you describe the other person in one sentence?
Kenny: A retarded Helen Keller.
Spenny: Complete and total scumbag.

How long have you known each other?
Spenny: Too long. Our fathers were friends.
Kenny: Too long.

What is the hardest part about working with each other?
Kenny: Being kept awake by the endless line of leather men pounding Spenny's rump.
Spenny: Kenny's breath and general musk.

Who comes up with the competitions?
Spenny: We both do, and sometimes friends and co-workers make suggestions.
Kenny: I Do.

What can we look forward to in the 3rd season?
Kenny: Hopefully Spenny dying.
Spenny: More idiotic behavior.

What was your favorite episode?
Kenny: Hmmm. I Like 'parent' and 'naked'.
Spenny: 'Who can stay naked the longest' (Hated doing it but liked the final result.)

How long does it take to finish each episode?
Kenny: We never know.
Spenny: About two months.

How would you rate Toronto and Canadian comedy and entertainment?
Kenny: Sucks total ass!
Spenny: Good.

Do you hang out together when the cameras turn off?
Kenny: Spenny begs me to hang with him but I don't like his boyfriend.
Spenny: Sure. But not as much as in the old days. The show definitely puts a strain on our friendship.

What's the dynamic like between you two when you aren't competing?
Kenny: The same.
Spenny: The same.


What is the nicest thing you've done for the other person?
Kenny: Let him work with me.
Spenny: Not have him arrested.

What's the meanest thing Spenny has done to you?
Kenny: Worked with me.
Spenny: Made me think I had aids.

Are there anythings that are off limits for the shows?
Kenny: Not to me, just to the broadcasters.
Spenny: Killing and maiming.

What are some of your favorite places to go to in Toronto?
Kenny: Queen street mental center, the burn ward at sick children's hospital, or the morgue.
Spenny: Bookstores and my shrink.

If you were the one asking the questions, what would you have asked yourself?
Kenny: "Why is your cock shaped like a large spaghetti squash?"
Spenny: "Why Spenny why?????"

Kenny Hotz
Age? Mentally 12 physically 12 1/2
where where you born? In a hospital
single? Only in the mornings
turn ons? Pus
turn offs? Spenny
most impressive talent? Auto-fellatio

Spencer "Spenny" Rice
Age? 36
Where where you born? T.O.
single? Yes
turn ons? Learning and being true to myself
turn offs? Bathroom attendants
most impressive talent? Blues guitar

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