Atypical Valentine's Day Guide

You know Valentine's Day is approaching in TO when Eye and Now both reveal their Love and Sex guides (all the stats, workshops, and erotic mini-stories you could possibly want).

So I'm not going to tell you where to buy edible underwear or really realistic strap-ons or how best to use online dating to get someone (anyone! argh!) before sex day the most romantic day of the year rolls around.

Instead, I'll be providing some out-of-the-ordinary stuff around the city that avoids the overtly clichĂŠ.

I'm happily single (except for that whole no-regular-nookie thing), and I have no problem taking the grade school approach to the pseudo-holiday - bake some cookies or cupcakes and spread a little sugar high around.

I'm also a fan of those cartoon character tear-along-the-dotted-line cards (I'm partial to Strawberry Shortcake, or check out these Law and Order valentines) for everyone I know.

However, I'm also really irritated by the commercialism and overt rah-rah coupledom that pervades everything, so the bitter and broken-hearted as well as the blithely single or secretly crushing are included in my overview of things to check out for February 14th.


First, if you're feeling a little lonely, remember somebody in Toronto loves you.

Sharon Harris has proof - photos of the "I Love You" graffiti that has made appearances around the city and is currently exhibiting them at Dooney's (try their almond milk, by the way, it's delicious).

Conflicted? There's the Love and Loathing Reading series at the Cameron House - poetry from Stephen Cain, Lynn McClory, Suzanne Zelazo and... YOU!

That's right - bring out your angst and your ardor (you can only read one from another author, so scribble for yourself). On the V-day (Tuesday, if you're not keeping track), at the Cameron House (408 Queen W.) at 8pm (doors at 7:30). (more info here).

You bring the verse, they supply the chocolate.

Bitter? If you


break Cynthia's heart (before tomorrow night, so get on it) you might just win some of her art.

If something a little more intellectual is your bag, check out the Gifts of Love exhibit at the ROM (100 Queen Park) from 7-9pm on the 14th.

You can learn how those 'romantic gifts' have evolved through time - rabbits instead of jewelry, perhaps. Better live than dead, I suppose. Maybe if you bring along that oblivious cutie you've been pining over they'll take the hint.

Cost is 20$ (online 18$) or 17$ for members (online 15$)

Top image courtesy of learntarot.com

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