Random Inquiries #2

I find that when we are doing our day-to-day thing, jet setting across town, doing this, doing that, we often don't stop to smell the roses or slow down to look around and ask questions. Very often we see things that pique our curiosity only to remind ourselves that we're on the way to work and we have no time to inquire...

I found myself at this weekend's EVERYTHING TO DO WITH SEX SHOW inside the Automotive Building, October 21-23, at Exhibition Place. It was a chilly, wet weekend, but things were definitely hot and steamy inside.

There were lots to see at this show and at times there were shoulder-to-shoulder crowds in the large expo area. My choice of path was to walk right into the center of things. Low and behold I bumped into a woman by the name of Summer Haze, a world renown porn star. Currently on her LIVE AND UN-CENSORED TOUR, she was sharing a booth with yet to appear, male porn star Ron Jeremy.

A quick look on her website post-interview allowed me to find out that Summer has won 4 American Titles including Miss HOT BLONDE AMERICA 2003 as well as 12 European Titles. Besides starring in over 15 videos such as Summer Cums Early 2002 and Summerslammed 2002, she also runs her own production company, her own DVD PRINTING company, runs a feature show and is consistently on tour promoting her work.

Here's our interview, conducted between one woman and another.

How have you been finding the show this weekend?

It was kind of dry yesterday, but today it's picking up. I guess everybody decided 'I wanted to sleep in late on a Saturday' and besides, it's a little gloomy here today.

Do you do a lot of shows?

I do. I do all the adult shows. This is only my second one in Toronto though, but I love Toronto. You guys have a great place over here. You really do. I love it!

Have you had a chance to check anything out?

I did. I came in on Monday, it was a nice day. So we saw a lot of stuff. And the stores here, are nice...I love your clothing stores.

Where are you from?

From South Florida.

Have you had a chance to check out any of the main stage shows, like the pole dancing ?

I did! And the Canadian Men. I love that! (Laughs).

How long have you been a porn star?

I started dancing when I was 16, and then I turned into a feature entertainer, I did that for about nine, ten or eleven years. Somebody said if I did porn that I could make myself a lot more money featuring; because you're worth more money when they know who you are. I did that and now, all in all, I've been performing, doing movies and everything else for 22 years.

What projects do you have on the go?

I have my own production company, (Club Summer Haze Productions). I also have a printing company; I print up all my own DVDs, package them up and everything. I have a $75,000 feature wardrobe that I travel on the road with, a lot; very big costumes and stuff like that.

I just didn't want to listen to other people any more, and do what they told me to do. I want to be able to tell people what to do for a while. I seem to be doing pretty well, I'm hoping for nominations from the AVN (Adult Video Network) this year, the video awards. I'm hoping to get the Director Newcomer Award at this year's show. I'm hoping! If I get nominated that would be cool.

Are you going to get into more directing and producing?

Yes. I definitely feel like I want to be able to create my own stuff. I have four or five new DVDs that I thought of stuff that I wanted to do. One of them is called Highway Hotties, where people are having sex in a moving car down a highway. The women have parking lights and flash the car next to them. It has a little bit of reality, things that are real, that people would actually want to see. So that when you are driving down the road and the next time you see a van you'll be wondering what's going on in there because you'll have that idea in your head!

What's next for you after the show? Are you heading back to Florida?

No, there's a hurricane that might wipe my house out. And then there is another one right behind we've got two of them coming through. We're heading out Monday morning but we will see...

Who's this other man with you in the booth?

That's my husband Craig. He's the other half of my company.

You're married?
We've been married for three years; we've known each other for fifteen. All of the stuff that I won't take care of, he does. He deals with a lot of the stress.

He travels with you? On location?

He's my camera crew. He has a series. The Blowjob Series is Craig's. He has girls do all the oral stuff with him in his series. He's also the other half of my feature show, we're a duo. He's my DJ. He gets everybody all riled up. Craig's been a DJ for almost 20 years.

Where do you do your shows?

All over the country. Bigger strip clubs, places that can handle 100 or 200 people. It's a big show; you got to be able to put it into places that can deal with it - not a hole in the wall - where they don't know what kind of show you're doing; where they don't have enough room for the kind of show you're doing!

Any kids on the way?
I have two cats, two exotic cats! One is a Mancoon; the other one is a Burmese Black Panther.

A panther?

Yep - a domestic Burmese Black panther. She's a cat, but she's very 'panther-like'. She walks low to the ground, she's got the big green eyes, very shiny, and they have their own personality. She talks a lot, she babbles. The Mancoon, she never shuts up. We swear that if she were a kid she'd be riding the short bus. She bangs her head, knocks herself out...

Is she in any of your films?
No! But she you may have seen her walking by in one of them, checking things out!

The 2006 Adult Video Network Awards will be announcing their nominations within the next couple of weeks for their upcoming January 7th awards show in Las Vegas.

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