City Hall Mischief - Getting what We Asked For

Is anyone else less and less surprised at what they see going on at Toronto City Hall these days?

I am not even to begin to comment on the soap opera like drama currently unfolding at City Hall this week, instead - I want to beg the question, where is David Miller?

David Miller since becoming mayor has seriously dropped the ball when it comes to many important issues affecting Toronto. I should clarify at the outset, that I did not vote for Mayor Miller in the last election - I voted for John Tory - and I somehow feel vindicated (but saddened for our sake) that David Miller has been such an incompetent handler of our city's affairs.

The latest incidents at City Hall only begin to scratch the surface of the larger issue at hand - that being - the Mayor is not a good leader. Not only has David Miller failed to "cleansweep" City Hall as he claimed he would. He has failed to address other critical issues such as gun violence and what to do with Toronto's garbage.

Instead, he successfully stopped a bridge that would have linked the island airport to the rest of the City. Oh, and I almost forgot, we have a few new trees in some of our parks, we also have water year round as opposed to seasonally in many of our public water fountains. And lets not forget, we also have the new Waterfront Revitalization Program that will begin giving our waterfront a facelift sometime this century.

Where is this Mayor's priorities - he's avoided taking leadership all year - he did not even go to visit the communities that were experiencing high rates of gun violence immediately. I recognize that visiting does not equate with solving the problem, but any decent Mayor should have showe his or her support to that community.

Instead the media has been having a frenzy with the sex and sleeze at City Hall, and Miller has been left in the dust trying to react to allegation after allegation. What were these fundamental changes that Miller brought in to ensure things like this couldn't happen any longer at City Hall? Miller has been touting himself as bringing back integrity to City Hall, but has yet to be translated into actual results.

For me, I cannot wait until the next municipal election - I'm looking forward to having a visionary, someone with big ideas, but that will actually follow through on them. I also look forward to someone who recognizes the importance of ensuring our streets are safe NOW - not 10, 20 years from now.

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