New Eucan Bins Can't Even Fake It

Over the past few months I've read much press concerning the new giant Eucan garbage bins/billboards the city is looking to install. I easily emerged on the side of scrapping the plan, but now, after finally coming face to face with one, I'm in awe.

I'm in simple awe at how city council is trying to pull a fast one on the citizens of this city -- and doing a sloppy job of it too.

Initial models of the new contraption have been placed in various around the GTA. Considering how badly the mayor seems to want to win over the public on this (or at least shut us up), one would think that an effort would have been made to place the bins well and in some form of pleasing -- let along logical -- manner. Apparently, nobody at Eucan was thinking.

Take a look at the photo above. I'll try to be brief.

Problem #1: You heard it was a big box, and it's true. This binzilla towers over the average human being. Whether at a distance or right next to it, it's seriously cutting off your sightline of the road and the sidewalk.

The shot above, taken from a few metres back shows off how the bin, from most perspectives, stands taller than the bus that's turning the corner.

And I'm only standing metres back because when I was closer to it, I kept being startled by people appearing from the other side, or cars whizzing at close proximity, as I hadn't seen them coming.

If you're a driver, prepare yourself for random pedestrians popping out from behind the bins in their attempts to cross the street. There is no way in hell you are going to see them. So remember, brake hard.

Problem #2: There are six slots for different types of materials -- 3 on each narrow side. Currently, a full-size poster outlines what goes where. Once that poster is replaced by a half-naked underage American Apparel model pouting away, does anyone honestly think people will circle the length of this bin or refer to the diagram to figure out where their trash goes? First hole you see -- in it goes.

Current bins have 3 holes all nicely in a row and we still screw that up from time to time.

Problem #3: Despite just telling you that there are six trash slots in the bin, I'm revising to state that really, there are only 3 safe ones.

Quickly examining the photo above, you''ll notice that the right side is pretty much on the curb. In order to trash your "cigarettes, recycling, and litter" (the big 3) located on that side, you are risking being clipped by a bike, car, vespa or swift moving downtown rickshaw.


Thank you City Council for giving us material proof of what a pathetic idea these bins are. Now please, take them off our public sidewalks.


If you want to voice your opinion or find out more, visit There you'll find info on where the bins are located, fill out a response survey for City Hall and get info on how to reach your local councillor.

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