Detox or not to Detox?

Today I was on Queen West when I heard some drumming and the noises of a protest headed my way. Always keen for democracy, I had to figure out why all those people felt the need to express themselves. It turns out that the Ministry of Health is planning to close 40%(!) of male detox beds starting tomorrow.

A good reason to be concerned that's for sure. When I was standing in front of the detox clinic at 501 Queen W. a man was turned away because the place was full. Closing detox centers is not a good thing for the city.

According to the Coalition Against Detox Closures there has been no public consultation with substance users and community agencies to discuss the changes. The city was not even consulted over the proposed changes.

The Coalition points out that Toronto has one of the lowest numbers of detox beds per capita. For more backgound the colation has put together a handy resource.

I really don't see how closing detox centers helps anyone. At the very least they could relocate the centre, but they have no plans to do that either. The current provincial government is now reminding me of the Harris years when all urban issues were ignored.

To voice your concern contact George Smiterman, the Minister of Health, by:
Phone 416 972-7683
Fax 416 972 7686

If you want to do more the closures than be sure to attend the next meeting. Tuesday Sept. 06 at Parkdale Community Health Centre 1229 Queen St. W

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