Wise Wright Toronto

Wise & Wright Toronto

Wise & Wright is a Calgary-born chain that packs cafe fare with healthy, high-quality ingredients.

Expanding into Toronto and Vancouver at a similar rate, this location is more of a quick grab-and-go affair.

As such, there’s no seating, though a minimal but industrial sense of design stands out nonetheless.

Wise Wright Toronto

You’ll find much more than lone avocado on “Built Up Toasts” like The Holy Poke ($8.95), whole wheat toast topped with cream cheese with the signature nutritional addition of turmeric, cucumber, avocado, Ocean Wise wild ahi tuna dressed with sesame oil, spicy aioli and sesame seeds. This combination results in a fresh sushi-like feel.

Wise Wright Toronto

A handful of Wise Bowls ($12.45) includes the popular Jamaican Me Crazy, a base of slightly-less-boring-than-average coconut turmeric rice topped with free range jerk chicken breast, cumin chili spiced black beans, corn, edamame, purple cabbage, plus sweet juicy mango and creamy avocado and a drizzle of zinging jalapeno aioli.

Wise Wright Toronto

The Sir-Loin Bowl sees hormone-free, antibiotic-free AAA steak resting on a base of diced sweet potato and relatively untreated raw kale with peppery mushrooms and broccoli, plus fresh halved cherry tomatoes and a bright chimichurri chutney.

Wise Wright Toronto

A gluten-free, vegan Let’s Taco Bout It Salad ($11.95) tops spinach and arugula with cumin chili spiced black beans, edamame, sweet corn, smashed avocado, tortilla chips, cucumber, cherry tomato, a thick vegan ranch dressing and a walnut taco “meat” that’s a relatively satisfying substitute for ground beef.

Wise Wright Toronto

Hatch’s Gamma is the default for lattes starting at $3.95 for a 12oz size, their Ruby and Blackout on offer for drip.

Wise Wright Toronto

Wise & Wright is known for their Elixir Lattes ($6.95), including a turmeric and ginger variety made with coconut butter, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, honey, maca, mesquite, cloves, allspice, almond milk and Himalayan salt that promises to help with digestion, inflammation, and joint and muscle pain.

Wise Wright Toronto

They’ve also got Elixir Smoothies ($7.95) like the vegan Tall Dark & Handsome, which (true to its name) seduces with dark chocolate, raw cacao, vegan chocolate protein, almond butter, oat milk and dates while secretly hitting your system with avocado, chaga, maitake, reishi, dandelion root, lion’s mane, coriolus and cordyceps. 

This one is supposed to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer while cleansing the liver and blood and boosting energy.

Wise Wright Toronto

Tonica ginger kombucha on tap is $3.95, $2.50 when paired with a bowl or salad and almost more like a ginger ale than an overly-funky kombucha.

wise wright torontoThe best part is, all takeout packaging and cutlery is totally compostable, made from sugar cane.

Wise Wright Toronto

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