volta espresso toronto

Volta Espresso

Volta Espresso is a pocket cafe specializing in strong coffee. Since leaving Jet Fuel Coffee , 23-year-old owners Omar Makhlouf and Raf Wehbe opened their first coffee shop with the intent to bring a reliable offerings of coffee and small-batched baked goods to Seaton Village.

Replacing former jewellery store My Petite Boutique, this endearing coffee shop is a quick-stop for Bathurst station commuters and hurrying locals looking for Italian-style coffee and homemade treats. With seating for three, it's a modern mini-diner that's easy to miss if you're not looking for it.

volta espresso toronto

With coffee beans from Gourmet Espresso, Volta's coffee is a robust multi-region roast that's powerful. "We named it Volta because we wanted to express energy, our coffee is very strong!" says Omar. And it really is.

volta espresso toronto

The Italian-style cappuccino ($3) comes with a generous spoonful of froth and there's a rich flavour profile that's cheerful and reassuring. Unlike Starbucks-style cappuccinos loaded with gallons of milk, this light java drink jolts right to the bone. Put simply, it's electric.

What sets Volta apart from other coffee shops in the neighbourhood, is its uncomplicated coffee. It's rare to find an unpretentious menu in the city, and Volta prides itself on it.

volta espresso toronto

The menu, a six-line selection of Espresso ($2), Americano ($3), Cappuccino ($3), Latte ($3), Tea ($2), and Pop ($2) showcases the basics. Don't worry, Volta has Cortados, Flat Whites, and every other espresso and milk pairing - just ask for it.

volta espresso toronto

Omar bakes up a warm batch of muffins and cookies every morning. And with a regular rotation of fresh baked goods like chocolate walnut biscotti ($1), cookies ($1) and muffins ($2), there's a sweet aroma in the air that's inviting.

volta espresso toronto

With a snazzy red design and DIY dĂŠcor, it's easy to fall head over heels with this little love child. "Everything is motivated by the coffee, and this baby (the espresso machine) is our pedestal. The design is inspired by sharp angles, and flow from entrance to exit." Omar explains. The colour stands out like the flashy red Raleigh bicycle.

volta espresso toronto

Motivated to fly solo and serve Italian-style coffee, owners Omar and Raif prove that age isn't a barrier when opening a coffee shop. Bright eyed and full of spark, Volta is humble and good-natured.

volta espresso toronto

Photos by Hector Vasquez.

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