Teddy Story Toronto

Teddy Story

Teddy Story is a unique shop right near Church and Adelaide. It proclaims itself the first teddy-themed cafe in Toronto, and all the bears on offer, whether they’re inches or feet tall, are from Teddy House in Thailand. They’re the only authorized reseller of Teddy House.

Teddy story TorontoSteer clear if you have a fear of all things stuffed, but if you, a little one, or someone close to your heart are into cute, cuddly little bears made of faux fur and stuffing you can dress up in tiny outfits, this is Nirvana. They also have a huge variety of cafe-style beverages, plus treats.

Teddy story Toronto

The store is small, but easy to spot by the window crowded with teddies of all sizes. It’s long and narrow at the front with a ton of the toys displayed on the wall, with the coffee bar and dessert counter in the middle opposite the cash.

Teddy story TorontoThey also offer a service where instead of getting flowers delivered to you, you can get a teddy, but delivered by someone in a giant bear suit. If your significant other is a big sap who loves giant teddy bears, something like this is a good bet for squeals of glee.

Teddy story TorontoThe smallest bears go for around $12, while the largest gets up to $350. Most customers go for something in between, a mid-sized bear around $30 or $40. Then, of course, why did you come here if not to also pick out a little mini teddy outfit? Clothes are more in the $10 - $25 range, $8 for a pair of little shoes for example.

Teddy story TorontoThe place is owned and operated by Ning Jia, who has a simple passion for all things coffee and teddy bears. She loves the Teddy House brand, and feels happy when a customer buys a bear, but sad to see each and every special bear go.

Teddy story TorontoThe dessert items they serve are basic, like pretty red velvet and vanilla cupcakes ($3.75).

Teddy story TorontoDrinks are a little less basic, with flavoured hot chocolates like toasted marshmallow ($4.75), topped with mini marshmallows and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Teddy story TorontoThey also do standard lattes ($3.75). Try one with a cute little macaron ($2.65). Buy five macarons, and you actually get one for free.

Teddy story TorontoTeddy Story also serves a range of smoothies (around $6.25 - $6.75) if hot drinks aren’t so much your bag. Here we have a standard but always classic strawberry-banana combo, and they do avocado smoothies that deliver big creamy avocado flavour.

teddy story torontoAt the back there’s a sort of Parisian cafe area with wrought-iron chairs and tables and a surprising projector screen playing little movies like Paddington Bear. They’ll also screen themed movies around certain times of year, like Home Alone around Christmas.

Teddy story Toronto

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